Wednesday, December 1, 2010


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Secret Plan Discovery:

Google for Power Point presentation:

DOMESTIC OPERATIONAL LAW Handbook for Judge Advocates:

What is a Judge Advocate?

What is operation Garden Plot? (CONPLAN 3502 supersedes GP.)

I Googled “CONPLAN 3502” and found this:

The existence of such plans as Operation Garden Plot and CONPLAN 3502 is assumed by all but the devil is always in the details. A quick look at search results tells me this plan is referenced by several unclassified government documents, so I'm going to assume it actually exists by its given name.

Well, in case of emergency the government has to do something! Without a viable plan, we could end up with another Katrina! (Why no Berlin airlift for those folks?)

It would be irresponsible for government not to plan for all probable contingencies. What do we pay them for, after all? It's not like we're paying them to strip search us (or maybe it is.) If government wants to protect us from ourselves then they are going to have to know how to deploy crowd control.

The CIA has detailed plans for overthrowing every foreign government in the world, I am sure. Maybe the plans for the UK aren't as fleshed out as those for Iran, but they exist – probably as files on some sophisticated war game computer. Defensive plans against the overthrow of the government must surely exist. The Establishment must not be overturned (or all of our investments will sour.)

Nobody questions whether the Establishment is worth keeping or not. Hardly anyone looks past their own nose. Does mankind profit from my profits even if my name is Goldman Sachs and all of my profits are usurious? Will we ever recognize and outlaw obvious cheating of the system?

Money is money as long as you don't understand what money really is. Who owns your money?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More Cell Phones Than Toilets

How many of you are carrying a cell phone right now? Nearly all of you.

I'm not going to pass judgment, but the Associated Press just reported there are more cell phones than toilets in India. I think the same can be said about America and the world in general.

We now have wi-fi access atop Mount Everest!

Progress can look a little strange at times. I have resisted cell phones until recently and I use mine grudgingly. I was trained to hate telephones a long time ago so the last thing I want is one following me around. The trouble is, everyone else wants it and now I am expected to have one to remain kosher. If you don't have a cell phone, you're nearly unreachable and I like my time off.

I have things to do but that ring tone signals trouble. Somebody has something they expect me to do. "How have you been?" is an introduction to "Please help me out." Most of the time, we fall for it. It is always easier to avoid problems than to face them head on by saying, "Sorry."

"No." is a common word for dog trainers, but the rest of us have a hard time using it in a sentence. When someone calls, you gotta answer. All right, I was going to get drunk and watch the game but I'm now convinced moving your refrigerator is a better application of my talents.

Apparently, the rest of the world does not share my distaste with telephone technology. Maybe the fact that your phone is no longer just a phone is what has their interest. So far, they all look like toys to me. Scary toys that ring out your name and connive you to do their will.

Ten thousand people live in tar paper shacks in the slums outside Mumbai. The streets are ramshackle and there is no official electrical or water service. The local Mafia can hook you up for a price, though. What nobody can provide is a latrine. The people squat where they choose.

And yet, as poor as these people are, almost all of them own a cell phone. Unbelievable.

Are cell phones really a basic necessity? Is their telephone the only hope for contact with the rest of humanity? What do these people talk about all day? How much is their plan?

The AP article didn't answer any of my questions, but it showed me that we're paying way too much for our bandwidth.

Another question that pops to mind is why anyone would want to expand the information infrastructure to every inch of the globe. Once you have a carrier link established, any intelligence can communicate. Hopefully, honest people may communicate openly.

I will think of this control grid as progress. We can't organize for clean water, clear sewers and access to a little cash without the ability to contact one another. I just wonder what all the extra electromagnetic radiation is doing to our kids.

Hey, kid! Put this transmitter against your skull and pull the trigger! Good boy.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Let's tackle another subject I am under-qualified to discuss. I am not a licensed practitioner of the mental arts nor do I play one on the internet, yet. I tend to avoid government attention much less seek their permission to do something. Only qualified doctors may diagnose you insane. The rest of us just think you're nuts.

If one of the mental mechanics thinks you're nuts, you probably are – unless you aren't. There is no such thing as a sure thing, after all. That's what Catch-22 is for.

I think we're all a little nuts. Sometimes I imagine Earth as the nuthouse of the universe. We're sort of Intergalactic Australians, dumped here and forgotten by the powers that be. Those UFOs you're seeing are just more defective souls being delivered to our little rock.

I guess you can see how I got here.

The trouble is, some of our nutty Earthlings are full blown psychopaths who think they have more rights than you. These thugs prefer that you work and they eat. Most work for the government or at least they write its laws. Many wind up in jail but others keep getting re-elected.

I was going to include a number of bars and graphs to illustrate my point that psychopaths naturally get either locked up or re-elected, but that's just stating the obvious. I wonder what you get when psychopaths breed? Wouldn't that be a royal mess?

Rodney King proved Kundalini can be spontaneously induced when he asked, “Why can't we all just get along?” Why don't we treat each other fairly? Why must we cheat ourselves?

Psychopaths feel no remorse for inflicting abuse on others, but what do you call someone who tolerates his neighbor's abuse? Tolerating the abuse of others seems like a cowardly way to live.

And yet, if you want to maintain your sanity and your living, you have to tolerate flagrant abuse all around you. The stories grow more abusive every day as those with money squeeze those without.

Why does most of the world starve while a few gorge themselves? It's the rule of gold. Either you're born into it or you lick the boots of those who are. That's the way it is.

Sure, you can get ahead – you might even get rich. You can't get filthy rich without getting filthy.

The source of the psychopath's power is the illusion that only they may create money. They lie to us about the nature of money and hand out degrees based on how well you misunderstand finance. They tell you money does work when all it can really do is measure wealth. Money talks. People work.

In the United States, the people gave the power to coin money to Congress, but Congress outsourced our right to private bankers in return for a piece of the action. They were promised a stable currency and easy access to credit in emergencies but received massive inflation and loss of policy control instead. Bankers used the power to create money to seize control of everything, including the government itself. Bankers cause bankruptcy. Look around. Any questions?

Monday, October 4, 2010

SERCO = English Halliburton or Worse?

Couldn't embed this one:

If you've come this far, you deserve a cartoon!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lies vs. Reality

The only blatant liar in this article is AP: "Ahmadinejad has called for the destruction of Israel."

The toadies that ignore the physical evidence of nano-thermite in WTC debris, the dancing Israelis (there to "document the event.") and so much more anyone capable of reading My Pet Goat might discern, will soon learn their masters have little use for their continuing services.

Folks, September 30th is the end of the federal fiscal year. If you didn't wake up to reality two years ago (nearly to the day), I don't know how I can convince you that you are a slave to international bankers. Ben Bernanke is already squealing for another bailout. The ride isn't over.

There is an answer. It has been presented to every President and every viable candidate since and including Gerald Ford. Mathematically Perfected Economy. Iceland is considering it now.

We can wait until chaos reigns or we can demand our state legislatures convene an Article 5 convention to reform our money. We can petition for redress. We can boycott and stockpile.

Whatever we do, we must agree that the world's root problem is the usurpation of the people's innate right to control their own money. There are a number of plans that are orders of magnitude more fair than the legalized theft occurring today. Pick one and debate its merits with your fellow citizens.

My friends, we are living on table scraps. Our energy and enthusiasm for real work deserves an economy where our standard of living would increase by a factor of ten. We can end inflation and lower, if not eliminate taxes. We just have to demand that our laws not enable cheaters to prosper.

Do not accept the excuse there is no money for the work we all know is necessary to repair our infrastructure, educate our children and promote the pursuit of happiness. The credit the banks rent to you is your own, it always has been. If the collateral is secure and the principal can be repaid, the loan should be made. Remember, banks don't loan existing money, they create it based on your credit!

I don't want my children and grandchildren being used by these psychopaths the way I am being used.

Usury kills. Nothing without work. Reject debt slavery. Mathematically Perfected Economy.

Drugs? Stolen nukes? Learn from Sybil Edmonds:

Thursday, August 5, 2010

How Great We Are

When things are going really good for me I sometimes forget what an ignorant poser I really am.

I'm a technician, I fix things. I try to figure out what went wrong with someone else's design. Since I work in research, the circuits I fix are not always accurately documented. My imagination works overtime to comprehend basic ideas behind sophisticated electronic conglomerations. My job is to deduce problems within systems and correct them. I don't get paid what I'm worth.

I get this warm, fuzzy feeling every time I figure out how to fix something I could have never designed in the first place. The more I get things right, the better I feel, but it is all illusion. I might fix something by luck, or by replacing anything remotely related. I rely a lot on experience.

As much as I know, there is so much more I do not know. If I were an engineer, I would only know different things (and I would not know much of what I now know.) Given the amount of knowledge there is today, you would be safe to assume everyone you meet an ignoramus on everything.

As great as America is, how much are we getting wrong without realizing it? Nature has a way of helping us see our insignificance, but if she doesn't kill us all the remaining few will shrug it off and cast their votes for American Idol. Collectively, we are dumb-shit know-it-alls.

No one can know everything, but politicians pretend they do. They aren't very good at faking logical deductions, but they know a lot of big words and hire people who know how to write re-election speeches. Who better to represent a fool than a bigger one?

Any expert who thinks he fully understands his subject is due a rude awakening. You might know a lot more than the next guy, but there is something you have overlooked, guaranteed. Google hubris.

If none of us really understands what he is doing, how can we avoid disaster? The answer is, we can't.

This may explain the existence of the insurance industry...

We can minimize our disasters by doing nothing, but where is the fun in that? The facts are that little Junior has to visit Grandma and that will take gasoline, diapers and a large bottle of Dad's favorite alcohol. People do stuff they have to do and then accidents happen. Unavoidable.

As a society, we have to ask the difficult question,“What happens when things go wrong?” We ask, but we can't know the answer because the possibilities are endless. Mr. Murphy handles wrongness.

If we stop thinking we're infallible, maybe we'll stop doing things that nearly kill us – like drilling a hole in the bottom of the sea further down than we can swim.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


I am in a lot of trouble with the IRS. Consequently, I often imagine myself arguing before a nameless, faceless minion of the Money Cabal known as a judge: (call this a dream for now)

Your Honor, (emphasis on YOUR,) you are welcome to all the Federal Reserve Notes you desire from me. They are nothing but Get Out of Jail Free cards, anymore. I want no part of them. They are not money as I have come to understand money.

These notes represent everything I abhor. War. Pestilence. Poverty. Their value comes only from the cheating of other people, and I choose not to cheat any longer.

What backs these notes is not the industry of a proud nation working to create wealth, but fear instilled by a criminal cabal bent on world domination. This money buys only the cooperation of fools who believe success is bought by murder and mayhem. Perhaps it is fitting that their reward diminishes with every passing day through the tyranny of inflation brought on by usury.

Take all of these notes and eat them. They are yours as always. They have never been mine, anyway.

Take back these notes and swallow them. I cringe from their existence. This is wealth purchased with the blood of innocents – I no longer desire such abominations. If you can draw sustenance from such filth, you are welcome to it. I can only vomit at what these counterfeits represent.

Give me instead something of real value. Let me bask in real wealth. Let me feel the sun on my face, the wind in my hair and know the love of those persons that are most important to me.

Take your scrip and eat it. See if it nourishes you. Toss it around and see how much work it does once everyone knows its deceit. There is no value in the fiat of usurpers, anyway. Take it and go.

Leave me be to create an accounting of honest labor. Allow me to trade in what is valuable and good. Leave me alone to discover the true nature of money as God intended it. Interest does not interest me.

Without you, there would be no taxes.

Without you, there would be no poverty.

Without you, there would be no war.

Your greed created this money and your greed will digest it. Once it's gone, I will be free.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Sometimes it's hard to find a word to say
to speak your mind, in an honest way.
Maybe my words, can't quite describe
the way things are now planet-wide.

They want to say that everything's OK.
And yet we know that it just ain't so.
How do I know? Did the Bible tell me so?
Well, I don't know, but I know it's so.

I want to scream till it all goes away!
But it gets bigger and bigger and bigger,
till I'm just an American Nigger...

I worked my life for a little pay.
And I was told I was on my way.
But now I find my path has swayed
and all I owned is the bank's today.

I want to scream till it all goes away!
But it just gets bigger and bigger,
And I'm just an American Nigger...

The new improved American Nigger no longer
comes in any skin color so long as it is black.

American Niggers are docile and compliant.

American Niggers are very productive.

American Niggers are cost-effective.

American Niggers are a great investment opportunity!

Monday, July 12, 2010


Monday, July 12, 2010

This thort is a response to:

Let's assume a perfect record for 30 years of oil exploration in the gulf. Forget the huge spill in 1979. Besides, that was the Mexicans. Thirty years ago Mexicans, to boot. Nix Ixtoc I.

Obviously, the big oil companies operate much safer now that we have huge, complicated deep water drilling platforms. How long has deep water drilling been going on?

More importantly, how many deep water wells have been dug into the Gulf of Mexico? Can't seem to find that number. The moratorium proposed by Obama affects 30 currently drilling or planned (5) wells. How many drilled now?

I have heard there are 30,000 wells in the gulf, and I will assume 10% are deeper than I'd like to drill. (Think scuba divers fixing stuff.) Perhaps 10,000 deep wells (as I've defined them, not the "official" more than 1000ft.)

10,000 to 1 might be a good guess on the odds of a major catastrophe (actually, we're beyond major.) Figuring there were 10,000 wells drilled without catastrophe, if the next one fails (as it did) that's only 10,000 to 1.

Government regulators may have confused themselves by all the new-fangled technology disguised as backup systems, administrative controls and safety measures – but ultimately multiple layers of complication only really multiplied the chance of catastrophic failure. That's the way of sophisticated stuff. You might call it the "More Moving Parts" theory or perhaps More's Law (apologies to Moore.)

If you make stuff more complicated, you multiply the ways it can fail (catastrophically.) Engineers can anticipate certain failures, but multiple failures generate symptoms geometrically. Suppose you suddenly went deaf. Now suppose you suddenly went deaf, blind and dumb. Get the picture?

Ixtoc I was drilled in 160 feet of water. It was the biggest oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico before our current disaster. In retrospect, I believe we'll find the Mexican damage was insignificant compared to what is still happening now.

These fools have threatened all life on Earth. Isn't it time for real change?

Interesting reading:

11 July 2010:

30 April 2010 (10 days into spin.):

Info on the Mexican spill: (Ixtoc I oil spill):

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dead People Walking

If the relief wells now being drilled by BP do not work, we may all well be unknowingly dead. Extinction of the human race (and all other forms of life as we know it) is the ultimate risk.

I know you don't want to hear this, who does? Wishing for the best or ignoring reality won't work. If the wells don't work, this well will dump toxic crap for years and years and years – until the pressure differential equalizes. Well, maybe a nuke could fix this, maybe. Fifty-fifty chance at best.

So, the truth is, it may be too late for any words I or anyone can write. Wordsmiths can't argue with Mother Nature. No matter how much propaganda governments belch, they can't dismiss a problem that threatens the very survival of the earth itself. We can't tax the oil away. We can't legislate away the health issues associated with this man-made disaster.

I guess I could go on and on about how if only I were in charge of MMS I would have never signed off on ANY underwater drilling...Is there an effective plan to stop catastrophic blowouts in even 200 feet of water? Prove it, if you think so...MAYBE (maybe) we can deal with something like this on land.

The government and their apologists tell us they know how to run everything while in fact they know nothing about what is important. If they had a clue about what is important to real people, the government would have never allowed private banking to control our money or corporations to write our laws. How did we allow such corruption to rule our world?

I don't think the wells will work. In fact, I expect the “relief” drillers to explode much as Deepwater Horizon did. Initial reports put the PSI on this well at 165,000 which is about 10,000 times what current technology can contain. Two wells won't relieve this. Even mainstream media has started to admit the PSI on the wellhead is 20,000 to 70,000 PSI. Can two wells contain this?

Even if the new wells don't blowout, will the weight of mud or cement overcome the pressure in the original well? Can they even find the original well if the casing is gone (no, no magnetics.) I think if the wells don't blow, it will only be because they don't intercept the pressure (miss casing.)

Somebody has to say this. Our governments no longer represent their people. Everybody “in charge” is bought off. Everybody knows how screwed up things are, I've got little to add here on that problem.

This thing is out of control already, I think. Prove me wrong or right in mid August...

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Money as Credit

Money, as it is advertised and sold today, is a confidence game, run by an international cartel of con men.

Money measures wealth, the same as inches measure distance or ounces measure weight. And yet, an inch today is the same length as it was in 1913, but a dollar is not. Why?

Ben Bernanke agrees with Ron Paul that inflation is really a tax, but neither fellow ever tells us what really drives inflation.

Pretend for a moment there is no money except ten dollars that I just created (out of thin air) because you want to borrow it. You agree to repay me $1 per month for one year. Where do you get the last two dollars? You borrow again, of course!

Money created at interest can never be repaid simply because no money is ever created to pay the interest. A worldwide financial crises is the inevitable result of snowballing interest.

The problem is beyond the scope of web comment, so I urge everyone to Google "mathematically perfected economy."

Interest on money was once called usury but that word has been redefined by the money powers to mean exorbitant interest. I'd like to redefine usury as simply cheating.

Fine print is cheating. Misleading advertising is cheating. Overvaluing real estate is cheating. Underpaying employees is cheating. Demanding more payment than value is cheating.

Money is debt created by credit. Whose credit creates it? The borrower's of course. Banks are quick to say your credit is no good so no loan, right? Everyone agrees money is actually created by credit then, right? If it is your credit, then it should be your money! Logically, we should all be lawfully able to print our own money. Obviously, that wouldn't work very well, so our governments print our money for us.

Economics is just a lot of doublespeak by cheaters that want you to do their work for nothing. Most of their work is forcing other people to obey their rules or suffer painfully. War?

Everything really boils down to the Golden Rule, the same as as I was taught in Sunday School. Stop cheating. Play fair. All the stuff we teach Kindergartners, isn't it?

Christ was crucified for the same idea 2000 years ago.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Doomsday Oil Leak

Nearly two months after the blowout and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon, no one has been able to give a definitive estimate of the scope of the disaster. The government and BP have consistently low-balled the amount of oil escaping. On April 23rd, three days after the blowout, there was no reported leak at all. Soon, the estimate was placed at 1,000 barrels per day and then upped every ten days or so until now the official flow rate is now about 60,000 barrels per day. A barrel of oil is 42 US gallons.

Finding accurate and timely information about the leak has been frustrating to say the least.

BP says they have no idea how big a field they've tapped. However, the last Gulf well DWH drilled was to world record depth and BP announced to shareholders one of the biggest reserves ever located, estimated larger than 3 billion barrels. No doubt BP had high hopes for this well also.

Since the official information on the leak is questionable and sparse, the interwebnets are predictably filled with visions of apocalypse. I've heard of everything from fiery hurricanes to a massive sea floor collapse caused by the detonation of a small nuclear bomb. However, government officials have already denied any plans to “blow up the gulf.”

One prediction (attributed to government scientists) has the sea water displacing the leaking oil in the reservoir being vaporized by high temperature and the subsequent explosion causing an 80 ft tsunami that kills everyone for miles inland.

My personal favorite is for the oil to accumulate until it covers the entire gulf and then bursts into a giant ball of flame that will only extinguish when the atmosphere runs out of oxygen.

Now, I don't know how long it would take a 615,000 square mile inferno to deplete enough oxygen to kill us all, but I did run a few numbers on how much oil is needed to coat the gulf an inch thick. My answer: about 255 billion barrels of oil would cover the entire gulf with an inch of crude.

That's a little less oil than the assumed reserves of Saudi Arabia. It is highly doubtful, but not impossible, that the leaking reservoir holds billions of barrels. Still, it won't take an inch of oil to create an environmental disaster of unimaginable proportion. A particularly thick oil slick is only 80 microns deep, at least according to Wikipedia.

Dividing 255 billion barrels by 80,000 we arrive at about 3.2 million barrels of oil to thickly slick the entire Gulf of Mexico. That's about 135 million gallons, or about how much the government now admits has already spilled! That's two months of two million gallons a day, folks.

Of course what is gushing out of this hole in the bottom of the sea is not refined oil, but a nasty conglomeration of mud, rock, oil and gas – about 100 parts gas to one part muck by most reports. I haven't dared to calculate the impact of so much gas being released into the air. Most of the yucky stuff appears to be suspended under the water – finding neutral buoyancy according to its specific gravity. The dispersant BP is adding enhances this effect. Compared to a giant blowtorch, keeping the oil underwater is probably a good thing.

Now there are reports of the well casing leaking far below the surface, with oil snaking up through the rocks and emerging from the seabed around the wellhead. In fact, there are videos taken by BP's submersibles that appear to show oil leaking directly from cracks on the sea bottom.

The big plan is still to wait until August when two relief wells will be finished. However, extreme pressure readings were recorded on Deepwater Horizon before the blowout so there is no guarantee that any relief well will not be met with the same fiery fate. I guess we'll know more in August.

While we wait, President Obama finally officially acknowledged the problem with his very first address from the Oval Office. Calling BP reckless and demanding the company pay billions of dollars in restitution, he promised more government regulation over big oil while conveniently forgetting the regulations already in place had been bypassed and ignored by the government itself.

His only proposed solution to the disaster? Prayer. I'm not kidding, he ended his speech by urging us all to pray our way out of an oily mess created by greed, hubris and indolence.

God, save us from these idiots.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Too Small to Succeed

So the banks were bailed out at taxpayer expense and now those same banks are recording record profits and requisite bonus payoffs. Times were tough, but now they ain't. Thank you very much.

Meanwhile, the public is expected to pay for everything with tax increases. That portion of the public that is somehow still working, that is. But griping is a familiar refrain to the working stiff.

I was just on the phone with my friendly tax collectors. They say I owe them a lot of money and I'd better pay up right now! My exhortations of dire straits have fallen on deaf ears. They don't care.

They want it now and they don't want to negotiate. I'm lucky I'm not pursued as an unpatriotic tax evader! I was told the whole problem is my damned fault and asked how much “good faith” money I could pony up today! I told them I'd have to get back to them later. Those people were crazy.

If you must know why I owe money, consider a windfall year that comes once in a lifetime. Once upon a time, but not that long ago, such a year could be income-averaged over several years so that you are not over-taxed. That “loophole” (which anyone could use) was closed several years ago (perhaps at the same time they dis-allowed deducting interest on credit cards?) If I could income average, they would owe me. Anything useful to the people is taken away from them.

Tiny rule changes implemented piecemeal over the years have conspired to destroy America as I understood it. Perhaps I misunderstood America from the beginning. Maybe the common man has always been a frog in a pot, but now they're really turning up the heat!

When times got tough, the banks got a bailout but not us. We're getting the squeeze. How much juice is left in you? I'm running out, it's all I can do to put a little food on the table. Something is going to crack soon (and I'm not talking about me.)

The bright side to all of this is that the world economic system was exposed as a pack of lies. Anyone who bothered to truly understand the problem must have questioned the bravado of the entire scheme! Money out of thin air? Interest on money that never existed in the first place? The audacity of the bankers is astounding and the complicity of our government criminal.

If the government says the banks are too big to fail, then I must be too small to succeed.