Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Akira Kurosawa "Dreams" -- 1990

Was Kurosawa a prophet or just a betting man?

Mr. Murphy shot a black swan and now look at us. 2012 nutters rejoice.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami

Honshu Tsunami Propagation (NOAA simulation)

How earthquakes trigger tsunamis:

Live Streams from Japan:

There were large earthquakes for days before this one. The earthquakes continue.

Volcanoes are erupting worldwide.

The earth can sure get your attention. God help Japan.

The northeast coast must have had very little warning and the damage from the quake had to slow evacuation. This is just horrible.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The New American Revolution

They say the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt were powered by Facebook and easy access to online information. They're probably right because online news travels very fast. Is WikiLeaks what Bill Gates had in mind when he spoke of information at your fingertips?

Not everything you see on the web is true. There's a lot of bullshit. You have to be careful. Still, the information you can glean from the web today would make a 1963 CIA analyst weep with joy.

I guess bullshit is what causes revolutions. The people just get fed up with it all and take to the streets in protest. With little else to do but complain, Americans will hit their limit when the dole runs out. Forty-four million people on food aid will go hungry without a government budget.

Any decent government wouldn't have to bullshit its people into believing things are rosier than they really are. A decent government wouldn't outsource monetary policy to a private corporation of rich bankers. A decent government wouldn't send its soldiers to die for corporate profits. No decent government would act in the manner our current government acts. Torture. Indefinite detention without charge. Assassination by Presidential command. Tapped phones. Tapped internet connections. Cameras. Armored SWAT. ETC.

The purpose of bullshit, that stuff on TV, is to confuse you and occupy your time. It's mesmerizing. There are a number of other side effects to network programming. Propaganda is government bullshit. The public might swallow a television advertisement containing 90% bullshit, but will usually spit out propaganda that contains more than a palatable 10%.

When someone tries to pull the wool over your eyes in order to rip you off, that's bullshit. It is fundamentally unfair. Nobody likes being fooled. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, er, I won't get fooled again. Actually, you get put on a large, valuable list of gullible people.

The Declaration of Independence, virtually ignored in court, goes into great detail about the unfairness of the English king. He did this and he did that. He was ripping them off, you can read it for yourself. Unfair. The demands of the king were total bullshit.

Handing over all of the bank losses to the public is also total bullshit.

What is bringing the entire system to its knees is greed. Greedy people charge interest. The same greedy people who own the banks own the top corporations and the ears of our politicians. These are the people who are buying government bonds and signing lucrative government contracts. They are international investors and their holdings span the globe.

You are one of many units to an investor. One datum in a matrix. A taxpaying consumer of as much bullshit as they can make you buy and swallow.

Work hard and pay your taxes. Don't ask questions. Have a beer and watch some TV.

What? No job. No taxes? The formula isn't working anymore. Break out the riot gear.