Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lies vs. Reality

The only blatant liar in this article is AP: "Ahmadinejad has called for the destruction of Israel."

The toadies that ignore the physical evidence of nano-thermite in WTC debris, the dancing Israelis (there to "document the event.") and so much more anyone capable of reading My Pet Goat might discern, will soon learn their masters have little use for their continuing services.

Folks, September 30th is the end of the federal fiscal year. If you didn't wake up to reality two years ago (nearly to the day), I don't know how I can convince you that you are a slave to international bankers. Ben Bernanke is already squealing for another bailout. The ride isn't over.

There is an answer. It has been presented to every President and every viable candidate since and including Gerald Ford. Mathematically Perfected Economy. Iceland is considering it now.

We can wait until chaos reigns or we can demand our state legislatures convene an Article 5 convention to reform our money. We can petition for redress. We can boycott and stockpile.

Whatever we do, we must agree that the world's root problem is the usurpation of the people's innate right to control their own money. There are a number of plans that are orders of magnitude more fair than the legalized theft occurring today. Pick one and debate its merits with your fellow citizens.

My friends, we are living on table scraps. Our energy and enthusiasm for real work deserves an economy where our standard of living would increase by a factor of ten. We can end inflation and lower, if not eliminate taxes. We just have to demand that our laws not enable cheaters to prosper.

Do not accept the excuse there is no money for the work we all know is necessary to repair our infrastructure, educate our children and promote the pursuit of happiness. The credit the banks rent to you is your own, it always has been. If the collateral is secure and the principal can be repaid, the loan should be made. Remember, banks don't loan existing money, they create it based on your credit!

I don't want my children and grandchildren being used by these psychopaths the way I am being used.

Usury kills. Nothing without work. Reject debt slavery. Mathematically Perfected Economy.

Drugs? Stolen nukes? Learn from Sybil Edmonds: