Monday, May 9, 2011

How to Run a Profitable Website

So, you say you want to make some money? Well, look no further. The outline for profit is here, but the pathway changes over time. You have to keep on your toes. That's rule number one.

The correct decision requires information. Observe everything, even the stuff others assume you won't understand. Know as much as possible about everything. That has nothing to do with websites, just sayin', ya know.

Rule number two is that profit is not always money. Some profit is immeasurable. How do you put a price on a human life? If Wall Street could sell oxygen we'd all asphyxiate.

  1. Keep on your toes

  2. Dead men don't profit

OK, so those are general rules for life but you have to start somewhere. The most important rules we follow enhance our survival and the survival of our families. Naturally, successful families band together to maintain their wealth. Eventually the world reaches the chaos of today.

When the web first started, eyeballs were the most important statistic and sites could charge by the impression. Ads were sold by the thousands of impressions and it looked like a lucrative business until someone else invented pay by the click. Clicks and eyeballs are two different things but clicks won.

Advertising doesn't pay like it used to, but what does? Maybe government jobs or jobs under government contract. Bankers get paid but not people that work for banks, except the top. Hmm. Banks and governments making money...and yet governments are “broke” as are banks. Hmm.

Note here that bankers and politicians are not broke.

Anyway, here's the secret to making a lot of money on the web: contact information.

As much as you can know about your customer the better. An email address that works is the minimum and so you see so many site registrations use this. Banks get this gratis due to their special position.

If you manage not to get killed or taxed to death, build the biggest database on your customers that you can. Imagine the database the government has on you. NSA, CIA, FBI and your state and local hooligans. These clowns are interested in you, aren't they? I think it's unhealthy. Those people should find real jobs that advance human civilization. Who cares what I do if I don't hurt you?

First, you gotta get the email. Offer to send free information that requires human interaction. Verify.

Second, up-sell by design. The $49 offer leads to the $129 offer that leads to the $3,000 seminar.

You can do all of this because money is fake and people are stupid. Really. Dumb people are a large segment of the population. I'm pretty dumb and yet I'd say I'm smarter than ninety percent of the people, well, eighty-five point nine, anyway. Your customers come back for more if you deliver.