Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Object Design 101

An object is something. Does that sound vague?

Well, you have to start somewhere and call that somewhere something or the other. So, a base “thing” is an object by virtually unanimous opinion. Possibly by venomous onion. Or usurious union.

Anyway, objects have attributes, methods and whatever according to the mainstream programming media. There is nothing wrong with mainstream programming, except...I'll get to that someday.

Actually, objects express themselves in many ways, much like you do yourself. Objects have actions, things the object can do. Some objects do their things invisibly, in the background. A game is an object that is in your face, possibly beating your Avatar to a pulp. Your checkbook balance is a very mundane object that belongs to a checking account object. Whatever. Remember that women are not objects. Er, ah, technically...

Everything is an object much like everything is made up of atoms and all of those atoms are made up of teeny little particles with really weird names like “Bottom Quark.” There has been a lot of talk that particles are actually dinky little strings resembling hairs shred from Schrodinger's Kitty.

Theoretical physicists are completely full of themselves. And they're dorks. But they're really smart.

That everything ultimately is a paradox would not surprise a Buddhist or a gambler.

However, objects can be useful outside of theoretical worlds. A big shovel is pretty useful. I could use another shot of vodka. Ultimately, everything is an object and objects can describe themselves and take actions. Objects may own other objects. One ring to rule them all. Maybe we're all objects.

A proper object should be able to do things, or help someone do something. It should be visible or be able to make itself known if it wants to. Let's just say that you don't create an object unless you think it will somehow make your life easier. Inventing the wheel was a smooth move. There are no evil objects but evil finds a use for everything. Objects have a location in space and time. Some objects are more valuable than others.

Objects are everywhere.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

I Am Not A Gadget (v1.0)


I am reading Jaron Lanier's book entitled nearly the same as this post. I don't understand everything he says, but the general drift is that we should stop believing in fantasy worlds invented by programmers who believe their own bullshit. I wonder what he thinks of Occupy Wall Street?

I haven't finished the book, yet, but I'm sensing Jaron doesn't like Google very much. He likes the people who invented Google (I will get to the psychopathy of corporations, and how they turn ordinary people into zombies, someday) but not Google itself, much less what Google represents to him.

If nothing else, Jaron seems to be crying out against the hive mind – group think. We are unique individuals. We should do nothing to demean our humanity (like tie our hair in knots.) People are smarter than algorithms. (Al Gore rhythms?) There is a right-wing bent to his arguments.

I still have hundreds of pages to read but I see some kind of idea emerging from Jaron's brain. I don't quite follow his thoughts, so I wonder how he feels about usury? He has an interesting philosophy that does not include eating goats or cephalopods but would devour chickens. Has he pondered money?

I suspect it is beginning to dawn upon him that he's just another dumb ass sitting on a rock spinning through space on its way to a cataclysmic encounter with the Andromeda galaxy. Nothing to see here, move along. The laws of nature created man. God knows I wish it were different.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Open Letter to Ron Paul

First, there is no free market. This fact nullifies nearly everything you say, doesn't it?

Nearly every position you endorse depends upon a free market, but no such market exists.

Free markets do not exist because the people who direct our world do not want free markets. Our rulers need to control every aspect of everything. Free markets are out of their control. No free markets.

Second, voting doesn't matter. Everything about the process is rigged to favor certain people. Outsiders be damned. Vote counting is mostly done by machines controlled by private parties. That's just stupid.

Most importantly, Sovereign people have had their right to create money usurped.

I know you follow me so far. Here's where I lose you.

Money is not wealth, but gold is.

Money is not a commodity, but gold is.

Money is a unit of measurement per Article 1 Section 8 of the US Constitution. Google it.

There are two Golden Rules, Dr. Paul – which do you believe in?

  1. He Who Has the Money Makes the Rules.

  2. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Would you have your friends loan “money” at interest when you might choose #2 and outlaw usury?

Money is a measurement. You can no more charge interest on dollars than charge interest on inches.

Dr. Paul, this is the primary issue separating us. You were once Libertarian and might understand how a public utility such as (real, fair, true) money cannot endure interest. Who may charge interest on a public utility? Not even the government itself has such a right. Interest on money is baneful.

There is a sensible road to a real economy: http://perfecteconomy.com

Monday, October 17, 2011

Ron Paul is a Lesser Evil

I don't vote. I gave up voting after my guy dropped out of the Presidential primary in 2008. It wasn't like I was enthused with his prospects, anyway. My guys never win unless I make a mistake like I did in 1996. I voted for Ralph Nader twice, just to let you know whereabouts I think.

The first time I voted, I voted against Ronald Reagan even though I knew he had already won.

The problem today is, you have no idea if your vote is counted. How the votes are counted is the most important thing, as old Joe Stalin pointed out. Our votes today are counted by proprietary algorithms that are not subject to public scrutiny. The machines that count our votes have been proven unreliable time and again.

Hacking the electronic vote is painfully simple to do. Proving the vote honest may be impossible. Asking people to count their local votes and report back is too difficult for some reason.

A flawed voting system is reason enough to pass, but look at the imbeciles we're expected to endorse. I guess you could write someone in, but that's probably enough to render your vote “unreadable.” We are pretty much stuck with who is on the ballet. Pick which Bonesman will be President.

So, I don't vote. Why waste my time? Why should I vote to change the face of my oppressor? It's the system that needs changing, not the people that run it.

Look at Obama, Mr. Change has become President Wall Street. Just another apologist for the status quo. The status quo dictates people like me are born to lose. You have to pay to play in this world.

If you have cash (I don't) you can game the legal system.

If you have cash (I don't) you can buy a judge or a politician.

If you have cash (I don't) you can write your own rules.

If you have cash (I don't) you can afford a lot of mistakes.

People with money like to vote because they don't mind telling other people what to do. Some people need telling, it's true. Most people resent being bossed around, though. Some people wish they had money just so they could start bossing people around. Money is funny like that.

By now, you may be asking, “What of Ron Paul?”

Absolutely, if you must “vote” then I highly endorse the good doctor's prescription for chaos. Bringing the troops home means nothing to some people compared to a new currency on a modified gold standard. Dr. Paul swallowed the “Austrian School” of economics which is just more of the same old usury that is bankrupting the world. He won't fix the economy, but he'll be very apologetic for the way your family suffers.

If voting worked, it would be illegal – kinda like medical marijuana.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ending Government Oppression

"Who are the oppressors? The few: the king, the capitalist and a handful of other overseers and superintendents. Who are the oppressed? The many: the nations of the earth; the valuable personages; the workers; they that make the bread that the soft-handed and idle eat.

Why is it right that there is not a fairer division of the spoil all around? Because laws and constitutions have ordered otherwise. Then it follows that laws and constitutions should change around and say there shall be a more nearly equal division." Mark Twain

Phase 1 “Discovery”

Life is unfair. Some people have more money and some people live longer. Steve Jobs gets 56 years while Henry Kissinger lives on and on and on. There is a random distribution of natural unfairness in all things. Why wasn't I born rich instead of handsome? Some people seem to have it all.

We must tolerate what we can't control, but most unfairness is the creation of people, not the consequence of bad luck. Unfortunately, a few people have seized control via corruption of nearly every large organization in the world, including governments and corporations.

They can afford to do this because they control all of the money in the world, by law. The rich pay to have laws changed while the rest of us watch our votes ignored.

You were born a slave to a system that was created by other people long ago. Any profit you take from the system will be minimized. Your money is taxed away or inflated into worthlessness.

Paying taxes is not as natural as death. Some governments pay stipends to their citizens.

Once you understand that you were tricked into thinking inside a box designed by the world's most notorious criminals, you will begin to ask for the facts behind your enslavement:

Who has done this to us? (Bankers, duh.)

What have they really done? (Bought everyone.)

When did it start to go wrong? (1913. 1694. 1865. 1963. 2001. 2008. all of the above.)

Where are such things happening? (Worldwide, Inc.)

Why have they changed everything for the worse? (Jig is up.)

How can our society overcome the criminals that have stolen our lives? (Reconstitute!)

This unfair system cannot continue demanding more money than exists. A collapse will happen before our interest payments exceed our income. We on on the brink of just such a scenario.

War is everywhere and yet still on the horizon. The path we are on leads only toward destruction.

Phase 2 “Resolution”

Money is your credit. Money is a way to measure the worth of things. Money should be discussed by a modern constitutional congress. Money creation should not be a monopoly.

Meanwhile, interest should be outlawed by constitutional amendment in order to immediately withdraw money power from the psychopathic elitists and return it to the people, themselves.

Please visit http://perfecteconomy.com to see how money should really work for us all.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Nothing Without Work

NIHIL SINE LABORE “Nothing Without Work”

"The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work." Emile Zola

I hate work, it hurts. Imagine my surprise to find my family's coat of arms embraces work.

But, you know if everyone sat around like Wall Street Bankers and waited for someone else to do some real work – nothing would get done. Sort of like right now.

How many trillions has our “government” given banksters? Imagine if they “loaned” that money to us, instead. I could hire a landscaper, a painter and a mechanic right away. My stuff is falling into disrepair, much like everyone else's stuff. We are truly doomed under the current economic paradigm.

Imagine Americans (people) hiring one another to do stuff. There's your stimulus, folks. Dissolve Wall Street.

If we had access to our own credit at zero interest we could do this. Really. Imagine credit for your own ideas!

Outlaw interest. Do it today. Pass an amendment. It truly is YOUR MONEY, not theirs.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Propaganda 101

The first casualty of war is truth.


This "news" was written by a Reuters blogger named William Maclean from the comfort of merry olde England (see byline at top.)

Mr. Maclean appears to be in the employ of MI6, as a quick look at his "work" at Reuters will soon appear to confirm. Nothing but propaganda from this guy IMHO:


Go ahead and look. Guys like this are the tip of iceberg. They help you cope with slavery.

"Variously," "Perhaps," "Evidently," and "Many" are his favorite sentence-starters.

This guy is spouting what he wants you to hear. He has no idea what's happening in Libya.

Let's take this drivel apart, in entirety for educational purposes.

Maclean in bold and Berry plain:

Intimidated no more, Libyans end Gaddafi's rule

LONDON (Reuters) - Planted joyously atop a gold-colored bust of Muammar Gaddafi, a succession of dusty rebel boots on Tuesday symbolized not only the capture of his Tripoli headquarters but also the humiliating collapse of his power in Libya.

Do not notice there are few “rebels” in the picture and that the picture MAY have been taken somewhere other than reported (mock-up city?)

With the fall of his Bab al-Aziziyah military compound televised around the world, the spell of his authority at home and his influence abroad -- especially in Africa -- will have been definitively fractured.

Maclean assumes not only rebel joy but that Gaddafi has lost Libya and is humiliated by the loss rather than infuriated. What does definitely fractured mean, anyway? Gaddafi is admired somewhere?

For all Libyans know, the man who often bamboozled them with political speeches and hunted his opponents with death squads remains alive and perhaps holed up in his hometown of Sirte. Although on the run, he may have surprises yet in store.

MI6 knows something about bamboozling, I'm sure. How can we assume ALL Libyans know anything? Prove death squads while you're at it.

But the breaching of Bab al-Aziziyah and the looting of the kitsch memorabilia of his rule crystallizes for Libyans as few other actions could the end of a once-terrifying police state and what many will remember as a dark period in their history.

"If Gaddafi didn't have many places to hide before, he has even fewer now," said David Hartwell, a Middle East analyst at IHS Jane's.

IHS Jane's is another propaganda organ of the illuminati: http://www.janes.com/

If pigs could fly we'd have very large messes on our automobiles.

Dictators try to create an aura of invincibility, a sense of awe to attract followers and facilitate their indefinite grip on power.

Dictators and every other ruler do this. So do they do what follows.


In this, analysts say, Gaddafi has been a master for much of his rule, seeing off periodic coup attempts as he led Libyans through years of international isolation and sanctions for what the West called his support of terrorism.

Variously known as the Guide, the Brother Leader, the King of Kings, Gaddafi's vainglorious titles over the years have raise smiles among outsiders, but this mercurial Bedouin has been one of the world's canniest political survivors.

Gaddafi paid in cash, that's how he survived. There is a LOT of oil and gas in Libya.

He used wealth drawn from Africa's biggest reserves of crude oil to divide and rule his six million people.

He built water and roadway infrastructure as well. Libya had the highest per-capita income in Africa. Libya's public debt to GDP was 3.3%, the lowest of all countries tracked by the CIA per their website.

Perhaps under pressure from the unprecedented revolt he has faced since February, that skill has now deserted him. So too, some will argue, has his dignity.

Tunisian revolt lasted about a week. Egypt revolution lasted 18 days. Libya now six months, not done.

Evidently, Gaddafi has chosen not to fight to the end in Tripoli, as he and his sons had pledged to do both in public and in their private communications with foreign governments.

Who is evidently calling whom a pussy, sir? Where is your profile or even your picture, Maclean?

Many will compare his fall to that of Saddam Hussein in 2003. But even if Gaddafi's days end, like Saddam's, with a hangman's noose, the parallels are inexact.

What are the charges? Defending Libya? No proof of shelling Benghazi, is there?

Saddam's fall followed a decisive ground invasion by powerful Western nations. Gaddafi's own ousting may have been facilitated by NATO air power, but the fighting on the ground, and the dying, has been done by Libyans themselves, giving them ownership of their revolution.

Gaddafi is not Saddam. Here is proof NATO murdered Libyans.


Gaddafi always saw Saddam's fall as instructive, and as a result he pragmatically bowed to the prevailing climate in Western capitals and gave up his weapons of mass destruction programs.

How does Maclean know what Gaddafi has always seen?

"Those who threaten you with military power or with the (U.N.) Security Council are the people who are controlling the world and if you go against the tide you might be destroyed," he told an audience in 2007.

Prescient, if you ask me. Here is one politician telling us the truth, anyway.

But when the challenge came from his own people, Gaddafi took less heed. That proved to be a mistake.

Name ten “rebels,” quick! Can't, can you? Hardly honest Libyans. Mercenaries following NATO bombers is all I see. More innocent people dying for the controllers' oil lust.

Although apparently gone from the political scene, his hold on the Libyan imagination, and the authoritarian habits of mind his rule gave rise to, may live on for some time.

IE we may not find him, ever. Not that we really care.

Some Libyans say he has ruled for so long, and his grip has been so tight, that he has marked the Libyan personality in ways they don't yet fully understand.

Some Libyans say the IMF is a criminal organization that has bankrupted the world.

Time will tell. Libyan novelist Hisham Matar, for one, says that may be a struggle for the future.

"We've defeated Gaddafi in the battlefield, now we must defeat him in our imagination. We mustn't allow his legacy to corrupt our dream," he said in a Twitter message.

"This is not about a country removing a dictator, but a people trying to find their voice."

I think this is about a self-centered idiot vomiting drivel in London.

(Additional reporting by Peter Apps; Editing by Mark Heinrich)

Keep your eye on these guys, they're up and comers!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Giants Broadcasters Observe Moment of Silence for Offense

In remembrance of the Giants offense, radio station KNBR 680 AM was totally silent from 8:01 PM until 8:02 PM tonight.

During this short moment of reflection, some people recalled Barry Bonds setting the single season record for home runs with 73 in 2001, and the major league record for home runs with 762.

For most of their existence, the Giants relied upon formidable power hitters and excellent pitching. Unfortunately, such combinations never accounted for more than second place for 52 consecutive years of frustration.

In 2010, the Giants showed the world that baseball is really mostly about pitching and defense, as boring as that sounds. Even so, they hit home runs. Google Ross and Renteria.

Winning is MOSTLY pitching and defense, but you have to score. The easiest way to score is to hit a homer, just ask Earl Weaver (who preferred 2 men on base when the homer occurred.) The 2011 Giants have had problems getting men on base, much less hitting an actual home run!

Maybe the sacrifice of a little air time paid off. They have scored two runs in two innings for a 2-0 lead after five innings, just since I started writing this.

For those of you worried about the Champs' recent record, have faith. The personnel moves really were upgrades, I think. Time will tell. September will answer a lot of your questions. It's a long year, have patience and understand that the front office boys want to repeat as badly as you do.

The Giants will find a way to repeat. I'm getting the feeling. So what if they don't?

"And Huff hits a drive to right...it is out of here!" Huff enough. 3-0.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Super Duper Graphics to Come

Wow, I don't know what to say. This sounds legit, but holy cow.

I guess they'll get back to us. I've subscribed to their youtube channel and asked to be emailed if they upload another video. Two videos are up now and I think both are the same.

It is possible, I think, that this is just an elaborate hoax. Their website crashed after wimp.com referenced them. I had never heard of this project before tonight.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Big Bang a False Flag

God might not play dice, but he likes to blow stuff up.

Of course not everyone believes the evidence but it looks to me as if the big bang actually, did happen.

It looks that way to me, but what do I know?

Luckily, we have experts in these matters. You can pay one to think for you. They'll tell you what.

However, if it is true everything started from one big bang then it is probable that someone or something caused said bang. Hey, God, put down that big firecracker! Oh, no...

Happy Birthday, Americans – now go blow stuff up.


Ray Mcgovern holding American flag in the distress mode — upside down.