Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Money as Credit

Money, as it is advertised and sold today, is a confidence game, run by an international cartel of con men.

Money measures wealth, the same as inches measure distance or ounces measure weight. And yet, an inch today is the same length as it was in 1913, but a dollar is not. Why?

Ben Bernanke agrees with Ron Paul that inflation is really a tax, but neither fellow ever tells us what really drives inflation.

Pretend for a moment there is no money except ten dollars that I just created (out of thin air) because you want to borrow it. You agree to repay me $1 per month for one year. Where do you get the last two dollars? You borrow again, of course!

Money created at interest can never be repaid simply because no money is ever created to pay the interest. A worldwide financial crises is the inevitable result of snowballing interest.

The problem is beyond the scope of web comment, so I urge everyone to Google "mathematically perfected economy."

Interest on money was once called usury but that word has been redefined by the money powers to mean exorbitant interest. I'd like to redefine usury as simply cheating.

Fine print is cheating. Misleading advertising is cheating. Overvaluing real estate is cheating. Underpaying employees is cheating. Demanding more payment than value is cheating.

Money is debt created by credit. Whose credit creates it? The borrower's of course. Banks are quick to say your credit is no good so no loan, right? Everyone agrees money is actually created by credit then, right? If it is your credit, then it should be your money! Logically, we should all be lawfully able to print our own money. Obviously, that wouldn't work very well, so our governments print our money for us.

Economics is just a lot of doublespeak by cheaters that want you to do their work for nothing. Most of their work is forcing other people to obey their rules or suffer painfully. War?

Everything really boils down to the Golden Rule, the same as as I was taught in Sunday School. Stop cheating. Play fair. All the stuff we teach Kindergartners, isn't it?

Christ was crucified for the same idea 2000 years ago.

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