Tuesday, May 21, 2013


What goes around comes around more or less.

Have a good look at how scientists have evaluated the Vostok ice core data:

We are looking at 400,000 years of information as far as can be discerned.

You may notice that the temperature has rarely been as warm as it is now. Maintaining this temperature would be a blessing, but I think you can see that the forces at work are much more powerful than pitiful mankind. We are sloping toward another ice age

Ice ages occur about every hundred thousand years or so. They take a very long time to melt away.

In ten thousand years, everything you see except for noble metals will be decayed and gone. The only thing left of your Ferrari will be the platinum in the catalytic converter. No more than my Ford.

We appear to be in a moderately cool period compared to times past.

The warm-up periods seem to be shorter than the cool-down periods. It appears from the data that we are in a sustained “warmish” period that will soon (within ten thousand years) be frozen into near-lifelessness. Since we have evidence of humanoids calculated to have lived millions of years ago, it is evident that survival of the coming dramatic drop in global temperature is barely possible.

Nothing but the finest metals survive the 100,000 year cycle of global glaciation. Perhaps one day a future civilization will discover the brass bull of Wall Street and misinterpret our demise to the glorification of cattle.

Anyway, there it is. Read 'em and weep.

The planet is about to get around 10 degrees Celsius colder. That's what? 25 degrees colder in F? That is like barely thawing out after a bitter winter. That's like Minnesota all over the place all the time.

There happens to be a very scientific theory behind how 400,000 years of data actually accumulated but it involves all sorts of complicated stuff about the tilt of the earth and the way we elliptically orbit the sun that most people would just blur their eyes and click over to find out how Angelina Jolie sacrificed her breasts for her belief in a longer life. Poor Brad. I bet Jennifer Aniston is looking pretty hot to him, now. I still think she looks like Barbara Streisand, though. He could have his pick.

Meanwhile, thousands of American women will wonder if they too must surrender their breasts so that corporate healthcare can bankrupt government programs? It's one thing to have a body part whacked off but what if they discover you have a gene that may force you to pick up a gun (or other inanimate object) and slaughter several hundred of your fellow Sheeple? What then? “Oh. I might be a mass murderer, maybe I should just kill myself right now?” You may have a 13% chance of being sane.

Angelina, by her report, had a 13% chance to remain cancer-free over the remainder of her lifetime. That is one chance in eight, not a bad chance if you like longshots. Anyway, odds and reality are often contrary. Whatever is least likely seems bound to happen. Knock on wood. The odds of the odds being correct are slim to none. Individual cases vary wildly.

In the end, they are her tits, let her whack them off if she must. It seems insane, but as long as she pays her own way it is no skin off my nose (which I hope not to cut off.) I look at tattoos and piercings much the same way. Have you seen the guy that is trying to transform himself into a reptile? Anyway, Angelina got her diagnosis from a company that profits greatly from owning a patent on a human gene.

Now it just so happens that there is an important lawsuit being decided by the Supreme Court of the United States of America next month (come June 2013) in regards to the legality of corporations and other criminals to patent human body parts AND it concerns the very, exact, same corporation that ran the expensive tests on dear Angelina. I am certain the court will rule it perfectly OK to trade in human materials as long as there is a market worth trillions of dollars.

Don't fall for it. Corporations should not even exist, much less be patenting human body parts. Get real, people. Wake up.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


"A really big shew." - Morty Tonight

In the end, everything comes down to its entertainment value. Really valuable things are inevitably incredibly entertaining. King Tut's mask is priceless, but so is the story behind the curse upon the treasure. It's all bullshit, of course (like everything) but it makes for a damned good story.

The best stories can be slightly altered and repeated time after time. Understanding story theory makes it simple to design a way for people to have fun changing their behaviour. Repeated repetition of a meme generally produces a favorable acceptance of the meme. The more you hear a song, the more familiar it becomes. Memes propagate across media.

"All the world's a stage," as they say, and each of us must play a part. If you really want to succeed you are going to have to draw attention to yourself. Many people do this by simply being as good as they can be at their jobs.

You are not just the person that does your job. You need to understand who you are and then express yourself. What should you express if you don't know what you stand for?

Once you are fairly sure you know what you're about, you can move on to teaching other people the basics of what you believe to be true. Truth should always be the highest goal.

So here I have failed to deliver the one thing I know you really, really want.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I Knew Something Was Wrong

Charles Ramsey helped Amanda Berry escape her captors.