Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Crux of the Crisis

The economic crisis worsens every day despite the mad government rush to “do something.”

Is the answer to our problem really to print more money and give it to the banks? The banks are then supposed to lend it back to us at interest. Does this make any sense to anyone except bankers?

If you are wondering why we are giving money to the same people who got us into this mess, you are not alone. The bankers and their pundits (the economists) claim to have been blindsided by what they call a credit crunch. They claim they could not have predicted the disaster they created.

I'm here to tell you they are liars. There is no credit crunch. Everything that has happened was completely predictable, and was in fact predicted long ago by people who understand how money works.

Have you ever wondered why money fundamentals are not taught in public school? We don't even teach our kids how to balance their checkbooks. Sure, we tell them that if they had saved a penny during Jesus' lifetime and compounded the interest, they would be quadzillionaires today. Not that anyone lives two thousand years to enjoy the profits.

What they never tell you is that two thousand years ago you couldn't get compound interest on your savings because interest, then known as usury, was outlawed by biblical decree. If you read the Bible, the Torah or the Koran you will come away with the distinct feeling that God disapproves of loaning money at interest.

While you might argue that one or all of these books are not really the word of God, you probably agree there is great wisdom sprinkled into their pages. Someone, man or god, held a pretty strong opinion that usury was not beneficial to mankind.

Modern banking of course understands how beneficial usury is to their bottom lines. Bank of America is so in love with it, they chose to charge my wife 36% interest on her credit card! Credit makes the world go round, so if it's “crunched” the economy grinds to a halt.

So, why is credit now crunched? Given the lack of investment vehicles (the stock market crash, precious metal prices manipulated downward and treasury bonds paying zero percent), an investor should jump at the chance to loan to a well-qualified dupe.

The answer should be obvious. There is not a credit crises, there is a dupe crises. The dupes are out of money to pay interest on the loans they already have.

The known federal deficit of the United States is about $11 trillion. If the government is so far in debt, how can it print more money to give to the banks to loan to you? How does this even make sense?

The average American taxpayer has been outsourced into low wages, owes more money on his house than it's worth and still struggles to work every day hoping things will get better. His credit cards are maxed out and he wonders how long he can afford to pay rising costs for electricity and heat.

So, the problem isn't stingy banks refusing to loan, it the fact that the dupes are all broke.

How did we go broke? We borrowed at interest. In a word, usury. We refinanced and refinanced and refinanced in order to sustain our standard of living until we finally owed so much money that we could no longer afford to refinance. We cannot pay the interest on the debt we have already accumulated.

The ancients understood that usury creates a mountain of debt that inevitably leads to bankruptcy, that's why they outlawed it. The charging of interest (and the taking of dividends – any unearned income) will eventually destroy commerce.

Why isn't this ancient knowledge taught in schools? Why, instead, are degrees in economics handed out to imbeciles who insist commerce can withstand the onslaught of accumulating debt? Because while usury destroys economic systems as a whole, it enriches those who control the printing of money and charging of interest. A few people become extremely wealthy bankrupting their neighbors.

Until the entire system goes bust (as ours is now going), usury is the easiest way to live rich beyond your means. Those at the top, printing the money, live richest of all. The trick, of course, is the same as in any Ponzi scheme – bail out before you go down in flames.

The bankers at the Federal Reserve understand this if the politicians they own do not. That's why they are claiming ignorance and stupidity as their first line of defense against a gullible public. They couldn't possibly have foreseen the consequences of running the entire world into a mountain of debt.

They are hoping to do the same thing now as they have ever done with usury before. Confuse the hell out of everyone with an economic depression followed by a nice world war. Then, it's Kumbaya, let's all forgive one another's debts and start all over again with a new currency.

The same snakes that just bankrupted and killed you will then offer you crumbs from the vast hoard they stole from you via foreclosure – and you'll be thankful to get it, won't you?

The debt you owed to them was never their primary concern. They know debt accumulates through interest until it destroys society. What they want from you, what they live on, is the interest payments.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Declaration of Peace on the United States

I hold this truth to be self-evident, that the United States no longer follows the will of its people.

Having been abandoned by the United States, I hereby withdraw all voluntary support for the Federal government or its cronies at the State and local levels. I will no longer serve or vote. I will not give willingly any taxes. Anything they ask from me must be taken by threat of force.

I refuse to rise in arms against this tyranny, instead I declare PEACE. I ask only that the agents of this foreign government leave me be. Any interaction will be against my will.

I declare myself a free human being of planet Earth. I absolve myself of all national ties. I cannot be compelled to cooperate without force. I guess I'll pay whatever I can, if forced, but it won't be voluntary. Any taxes I pay will hereafter be an act of common robbery.

Realistically, I understand this makes me a target. People with guns believe they have the rights to my property (what little is left) and they will forcibly take whatever I own. Having declared PEACE, I cannot fight back. What good would fighting do, anyway?

The United States is lost. It is no more, if it ever was. I see this and admit it. I won't play.

There are sensible and logical alternatives to the way things are. There is no reason so many people are starving except the greed of a few powerful people. The world will be much better off without the United States and people who believe in its ideals. We need new, true, ideals.

The government is bankrupt, anyway. It probably won't last through 2009. There is going to be hell to pay and, as usual, the poor are going to pay it. Perhaps they'll take comfort in the suffering of the middle classes as well as the lower-caste rich.

Today is Christmas. I'm not religious. I suffer from Christian ideals programmed into me in my youth. All things considered, Christmas day just seems like a good day to declare PEACE.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Posse Comitatus Act

The Posse Comitatus Act is supposed to keep images like "tank man" in Tiananmen Square from ever developing in America.

Not that the Act was ever intended to help people, it is actually rooted in tyranny (like so many other laws.) Posse Comitatus was a compromise by Northern States to fraudulently elect Rutherford B. Hayes as President over Southern objection. To placate the South, federal troops safeguarding recently emancipated blacks were withdrawn and the Act passed as a guarantee against Northern interference in the subsequent "Jim Crow" laws.

The Bush Administration tried and failed to overturn Posse Comitatus, but continue to act as if they succeeded. They have managed to muddy the legal waters concerning the use of military force in the "homeland." Having their foot in the door to martial law, one wonders where this may lead in the future.

In October 2008, just as the financial crisis was coming to bear, an active US Army Brigade Combat Team was assigned domestic duty. Federal troops have also been used in mock disaster drills in support of local police. On December 10th, 2008 the US Marine Corps deployed military police alongside California Highway Patrol to set up drunk driver random traffic stops. The Marines were supposedly along just for training purposes.

What does all this have to do with Tiananmen Square? Tank Man's picture is from June 4th, 1989 -- more than a month after students occupied the plaza and just as events turned deadly. The local People's Liberation Army units refused to move against the protesters (many were friends and relatives), so units from the 27th and 28th PLA were brought into Beijing from outside provinces. These units were made up of formerly poor, ignorant farmers who had no problem pulling the trigger on a bunch of whiney rich kids.

Red China had no Posse Comitatus to protect its people. Some of the Army rebelled, but there were plenty of outsiders to do the government's dirty work.

If you're wondering about how inclined our military is to pull the trigger on fellow Americans, consider that five percent of the armed forces are now foreigners. As incentive to join, foreigners are offered citizenship in return for service. It won't be "Americans" pulling the triggers on us when martial law comes to pass.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Last Drop of Trust Gone

Meet Bernard L. Madoff, former NASDAQ chairman and investment guru. Bernie looks like a Hollywood grandpa. Who would not feel safe letting this man invest their money?

Mr. Madoff is Exhibit A in my evidence proving the world financial system is absolutely doomed. You see, for the last three years, Bernie has been running a Ponzi scheme disguised as an investment firm.

Bernie duped his investors by promising 12% profit per year with no questions asked. He lumped their money in a big pile and paid their "profits" from that. At 12%, a fellow can Ponzi about eight years, then it's all gone. It only took Bernie three years to go bust, a fate he doubtless blames on the soured economy.

The only way a Ponzi works is to defraud the maximum number of investors and then disappear from the face of the earth. How do you disappear when you are the former chair of NASDAQ and a famous Jewish Philanthropist? I guess you just die and leave your family to sort stuff out.

No wonder his sons turned him over to the FBI.

High Finance has certain rules on who may and may not be cheated. Bernie broke the rules and will suffer greatly. His investors, guilty of turning a blind eye as to how their returns were made, are already crying for a taxpayer bailout.

All trust is gone once Jews cheat Jews. We are doomed.

Welcome to my Pile!

You have the right to wonder what a Pile Maker is. You have other rights, though you mostly choose to ignore them.

Back in the glorious Days of '49, gold seekers came to the California foothills looking to "make a pile." Except for a few early prospectors, most never got rich enough to return to the States.

Dogs also make nice piles. There are dog piles in football, also.

I'm making a pile of posts about whatever catches my fancy. Usually my fancy is wriggling on the hook of current events. Sometimes it's impaled and left for dead by deep contemplation.

So, whatever this blog is, I expect to make a big pile of it.