Saturday, October 23, 2010


Let's tackle another subject I am under-qualified to discuss. I am not a licensed practitioner of the mental arts nor do I play one on the internet, yet. I tend to avoid government attention much less seek their permission to do something. Only qualified doctors may diagnose you insane. The rest of us just think you're nuts.

If one of the mental mechanics thinks you're nuts, you probably are – unless you aren't. There is no such thing as a sure thing, after all. That's what Catch-22 is for.

I think we're all a little nuts. Sometimes I imagine Earth as the nuthouse of the universe. We're sort of Intergalactic Australians, dumped here and forgotten by the powers that be. Those UFOs you're seeing are just more defective souls being delivered to our little rock.

I guess you can see how I got here.

The trouble is, some of our nutty Earthlings are full blown psychopaths who think they have more rights than you. These thugs prefer that you work and they eat. Most work for the government or at least they write its laws. Many wind up in jail but others keep getting re-elected.

I was going to include a number of bars and graphs to illustrate my point that psychopaths naturally get either locked up or re-elected, but that's just stating the obvious. I wonder what you get when psychopaths breed? Wouldn't that be a royal mess?

Rodney King proved Kundalini can be spontaneously induced when he asked, “Why can't we all just get along?” Why don't we treat each other fairly? Why must we cheat ourselves?

Psychopaths feel no remorse for inflicting abuse on others, but what do you call someone who tolerates his neighbor's abuse? Tolerating the abuse of others seems like a cowardly way to live.

And yet, if you want to maintain your sanity and your living, you have to tolerate flagrant abuse all around you. The stories grow more abusive every day as those with money squeeze those without.

Why does most of the world starve while a few gorge themselves? It's the rule of gold. Either you're born into it or you lick the boots of those who are. That's the way it is.

Sure, you can get ahead – you might even get rich. You can't get filthy rich without getting filthy.

The source of the psychopath's power is the illusion that only they may create money. They lie to us about the nature of money and hand out degrees based on how well you misunderstand finance. They tell you money does work when all it can really do is measure wealth. Money talks. People work.

In the United States, the people gave the power to coin money to Congress, but Congress outsourced our right to private bankers in return for a piece of the action. They were promised a stable currency and easy access to credit in emergencies but received massive inflation and loss of policy control instead. Bankers used the power to create money to seize control of everything, including the government itself. Bankers cause bankruptcy. Look around. Any questions?

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