Wednesday, December 1, 2010


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Secret Plan Discovery:

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DOMESTIC OPERATIONAL LAW Handbook for Judge Advocates:

What is a Judge Advocate?

What is operation Garden Plot? (CONPLAN 3502 supersedes GP.)

I Googled “CONPLAN 3502” and found this:

The existence of such plans as Operation Garden Plot and CONPLAN 3502 is assumed by all but the devil is always in the details. A quick look at search results tells me this plan is referenced by several unclassified government documents, so I'm going to assume it actually exists by its given name.

Well, in case of emergency the government has to do something! Without a viable plan, we could end up with another Katrina! (Why no Berlin airlift for those folks?)

It would be irresponsible for government not to plan for all probable contingencies. What do we pay them for, after all? It's not like we're paying them to strip search us (or maybe it is.) If government wants to protect us from ourselves then they are going to have to know how to deploy crowd control.

The CIA has detailed plans for overthrowing every foreign government in the world, I am sure. Maybe the plans for the UK aren't as fleshed out as those for Iran, but they exist – probably as files on some sophisticated war game computer. Defensive plans against the overthrow of the government must surely exist. The Establishment must not be overturned (or all of our investments will sour.)

Nobody questions whether the Establishment is worth keeping or not. Hardly anyone looks past their own nose. Does mankind profit from my profits even if my name is Goldman Sachs and all of my profits are usurious? Will we ever recognize and outlaw obvious cheating of the system?

Money is money as long as you don't understand what money really is. Who owns your money?

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  1. Hey thank you so much for sharing the story - please feel free to contact hongpong AT . For me personally a major motive was determining what was going on with military ops at the 2008RNC and the G20 in Pittsburgh, and I think this is very helpful for getting a handle on. Again I really appreciate it!