Tuesday, August 4, 2009


My son gave me a copy of David Icke's latest book as a Father's Day gift. I ordinarily don't subscribe to Mother's Day, much less Father's Day, but for some odd reason I'm not opposed to accepting gifts for any reason. Maybe it is a made-up holiday they won't pay you for, but it always falls on a Sunday and Sunday is a good day to goof off. Hallmark appreciates your business, by the way, but not as much as they used to when they sponsored some of the best tearjerkers to ever see the small screen.

Getting back to David Icke, his name is spelled like Ike as in Eisenhower. I like Ike. You have to explain this to people because if they've never heard his last name pronounced, they might think it is pronounced “Icky” or “Eehhcckky!” as in the thought of giant lizards controlling the world is really icky stuff.

If this were “Ikeology,” our paradigm might only include the beliefs of the self-professed Son of God himself. However evolved Mr. Icke thinks he is, his belief spectrum is just a teeny tiny perturbation in the galactic spectrum of beliefs. Why limit a new field of pseudo-science to the knowledge of only one man? I say anything that makes me go, “Ick” goes in the icky set.

As for the book, it solidly documents most of the mess we're in. Icke glosses over financial truths, perhaps because he lacks understanding of the technical details economists focus on. I think he grasps the simple truth that money isn't money, but he doesn't spend as much time on the subject of money as he does his lizards.

Yes. Lizards rule us. Remember the big banner that fell down at the end of Jurassic Park?

Dinosaurs rule the Earth!”

Well, it's not quite that simple. You can't see the lizards unless you're very unlucky and about to become a blood sacrifice on the alter of Moloch, the giant owl god. Owls eat lizards so I reckon Moloch is not someone you want to be messing with.

It would all be hilarious except Icke makes a very good case for the possibility that some sort of “fourth-dimensional entity” that resembles a reptile possesses the body of anyone of any prominence. Maybe not everyone, but a surprising many of the movers and shakers of world society.

Everyone important is related to either “blue blood” or “Jew blood.” If you're a Rothschild or a descendant of the good king Charlemagne, your life can be anything you want it to be as long as you remember your roots.. I'm sure Charlie was a real keeper, but if you're not related to him, you have no hope of becoming president of virtually anything.

The Jewish side of the wealth equation is pretty obvious. Imagine for a second that Secretary Paulson had been named Palsoni, Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke had been named Bernancini, and Goldman-Sachs were named Gambino-Squitieri? Would anyone question the presence of the mob?

The Jewish Mob is one faction vying for world control. There are others including the lowly American Patriot, hoping to restore his right to own a thermonuclear weapon. There is probably a market for mini-nukes that only take out one house in a neighborhood. As you might guess from their capital portfolios, the mobster can leverage a lot of money toward laws he wants, while the Patriot can't even leverage his one vote. He's lucky if it's counted, much less matters.

Imagining the true rulers of the world as lizards instead of men excuses too much of their reptilian behavior. Animals and reptiles have ruled the world for too long. The madness the world seems bent to pursue will only create hell on earth. Total world domination by lizards from outer space might be excusable, but allowing mere mortals such control is a reprehensible rift in the theory of public trust.

If you toss the first two chapters and the last one, Icke's book is a strategic guide to his other books and to additional sources of information. David likes connecting dots and he performs a yeoman's job of identifying the way the “elite” (whom I call “Creeple”) not only control the world but profit immensely by doing so. Given the co-ordinates from David Icke, you soon learn to read the daily news in a different way.

Almost anything can fit into Ickeology if you think about it long enough. But, at the same time, the theory demands an inherent acceptance of anything genuinely Icke. Full adherence to Ickeology would include a belief that lizards possess the bodies of powerful and famous people.

Just as a Christian is free to believe some of the Bible, but admonished for not believing certain things like homosexuals should not be stoned to death, an Ickeologist is free to toss anything he doesn't agree with for any reason. Take what you like and leave the rest is David's motto and ours too. Bugger the rest.

The funny thing about all of this is that the world starts to make perfect sense if you believe it is being run by seven foot reptiles from a galaxy far, far away. Crank back just a hair to a world run by self-centered psychopaths and you get pretty much the same picture without the lizard scales.

A simpleton can see the game is rigged for the rich and powerful once Icke points it out. I doubt the world is ruled by lizards, but I'm willing to keep an open mind. Same as Jesus, really.

Not even David Icke believes in Ickeism. Religions are elaborate frauds in Ickeology, and yet so many students take what Icke says as gospel. It must be the Rothschilds on top, because it has always been thus. Banking and Royalty, or perhaps, Royalty and then Banking and then mere mortals. Businessmen and thieves every one of them excepting a bare few.

There is no doubt that power comes from money and money is connected to ancient bloodlines. Most of it is ancient money, stolen long ago by the new heir's great-great-granduncle. Move along, don't dally in my finances. We pay handsomely for discretion.

I imagine we all have a little reptilian in us, one way or another. Our Hyde to hide from polite society. A fetus has a tail at one point, doesn't it? Icky is people with real tails. It happens, right?

I don't think you can make it a full-blown religion and I wonder how the Supreme Court might interpret the right to be a religion unto yourself. An ideology, a paradigm a way of thinking. One thing leads to another and pretty soon someone is spilling his guts for amnesty and a high seven figures. The religion business can be deadly serious.

Anyway, once you grok the idea that giant lizards run the show, its easy see how all the events of the day are interconnected and controlled by the reptilian cartel. They control virtually everything already and the few concerns they don't concern themselves with don't count for hardly concerns at all. There's some little guys, that's all. Lots of them. Maybe too many.

Whoever is behind the curtain doesn't want to be seen. They operate in secret by controlling the elections of various national “rulers.” The exact power structure and cost of attainment differs from one country to the next but the United States is one of the most expensive nations to entertain. Now that we've learned to count in trillions, how long before we ponder quadrillions and beyond?

How long can this constant money devaluation continue before someone figures it out and pulls the plug? Look at Italy, they just lopped off a few zeroes and continued on in bankruptcy. Will the good old USA ever repay the banks the money that was stolen from us plus interest? Fat chance.

Someone has to step forward and just say the game is over, they ain't paying anyone anything until this whole mess is straightened out. The common man, the average Joe, the man and woman on Main Street are feeling a tight pinch, what with losing the house and the job and the savings and all, but they're Merkins and they'll struggle on. Despite the obvious money scams exposed every day, the average person continues to believe everything's a fair shake until he tries to contact his insurer.

It looks to me like someone just has to say “Nope.” I was incapacitated by a bad case of irrational exuberance and deceptively oversimplified algorithms. If only the computer models had been more complex, more realistic, then we wouldn't have destroyed the world! Bwhah!

But the economic reality is that the world has been destroyed and there's nothing anyone can do about it at this point. Everybody's broke and scamming to make off with other people's money.

The powers that be are looking for a quick reboot of the economic system with themselves still in charge. It looks like they're going to get what they want – John Q. Public is still embarrassingly ignorant of his plight. Banks, trillions, OK!

Anyway, try the Icke paradigm for a week and see for yourself how obviously reptiles rule the earth.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Baby girl cut from Darlene Haynes' womb found alive.

The Devil told Otty Sanchez to eat her baby boy.

These three horrendous stories inside two months! What possesses people to do such things?

Two young women gutted, their babies stolen – and another young mother eating her child?

I am a pretty jaded individual who doesn't get squeamish at the sight of blood or reports of atrocities, but this stuff is really sickening to me. What kind of person whacks a baby out of its mother's womb? What kind of mother kills her baby and then eats its brain? I had a cat that ate its kittens, but that just isn't in the same league as this. These stories define horror for me.

Crap. How do you make sense of these things? What do the villains have in common, if anything?

Well, they are all fairly young females, but that describes about a third of the planet's population so how is that relevant? What a world this would be if young females made a habit of whacking babies out of each other and eating them.

Most people would just say there's a lot of nuts out there and move along, but I'm not going to give up that easily. There was something disturbing to me about the locations of these crimes, and I'm going to delve into that a little bit before moving on to the latest results of “So You Think You Can Dance?”

Otty Sanchez, who apparently ate her baby's brains, is from San Antonio, Texas.

Poor Darlene Haynes was found dead in a closet in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Heather Snively was stuffed into crawlspace in Korena Robert's home in Beaverton, Oregon.

San Antonio, Texas. Worcester, Massachusetts. Beaverton, Oregon. What is in common, here?

Massachusetts rang a bell right away. When I think of different states, I think of their history. California has the Gold Rush, Nevada is famous for the silver mines in Virginia City, and Massachusetts is home to the infamous Salem witch trials.

If nothing else, here was an angle worth blogging about. Babies stolen and/or eaten by witches. Let's run with this like a six-year-old clutching his first pair of real scissors! By God, if there's not a story here I'll make one up.

Salem Witch Trials

The first thing we map at Google is that Worcester is about 50 miles as the crow flies from Salem (and we know who flies via crow, don't we?)

History tries to blame the incident on mass hysteria and hallucinations caused by stale rye bread breaking down into LSD, but a lot of sick bastards calling themselves witches have relocated to the area to be closer to their “holy ground.” New England is swarming with modern witches and wicca.

“Warlock” John Todd, claimed to rule 13 states from his San Antonio coven.

If we are to believe the account of “born again” John Todd, San Antonio is a major hub of a vast Satanic conspiracy to rule the planet. Knee deep in witches again, eh?

It's not a great leap of imagination to suspect some kind of occult influence in the first two cases, but how can Beaverton, Oregon link to Satanists?

First of all, Beaverton is about fifty miles from another town named Salem – coincidence? Perhaps. Keep in mind long-time Oregon residents' complaints that the “New Agers” from California have flocked to their state and screwed everything up. Witches flocking to Salem? Why not?

Nike, Inc. headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon.

Nike co-founder Phil Knight has been described as the “Great Satan,” and his company as an “Evil Empire.”

Now I'm not saying Nike, or even Satanists are behind these gruesome events – just that there seems to be some kind of connection between these three cases that exists below our level understanding.

I'll give you one more tidbit to ponder: Darlene Haynes was apparently murdered on July 23rd, probably the most holy day in Egyptian Sirius/Osiris mythology.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


In my morning read of Yahoo news, I came across the disturbing “Gambling Grandma” as being reported on the national wire service AP. Associated Press stories are like the Reader's Digest condensed version of the news. What few facts reported are presented in such a way as to seal up a story as the final word on the matter.

Newspapers, television news and other media outlets outsource a good deal of their reporting to the wire services. Not only is it a great source of filler, but it provides timely leads to breaking news. The end result is that you can pick up a paper from any corner of the world, practically, and read the same story damned near word for word.

Here's the AP wrap up of granny's story:

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) -- A North Miami woman has been sentenced to 14 months house arrest for leaving her two grandchildren alone in a car while she was gambling.

A Broward judge handed down 54-year-old Jeanne Shahan's sentence Monday. She had pleaded guilty to felony child abuse, misdemeanor contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and misdemeanor leaving a child unattended in a vehicle.

Authorities say Shahan left the children unattended inside a car parked outside Mardi Gras Gaming in August 2008. A witness saw the 2-year-old girl and 14-year-old boy in the car and told the casino's security.

We read over things like this, or hear a television news anchor repeat them, and we nod and think the evil granny got just the punishment that was coming to her. The story passes through our conciousness like so many others – barely disturbing our morning coffee. Most people won't give this story a second thought, unless they've spent a little of their childhood inside cars parked outside casinos.

I know all about waiting for other people to gamble and/or drink while I sit in the car and wait. I did this quite often, and frequently willingly. My patience was often rewarded with a roll of nickels or a treat of dinner. Inside the car was usually the safest place for me at the time.

I don't remember being left in the car before about ten years of age. From ten to seventeen, I grew accustomed to having to wait outside an establishment barring people of my age from entering. In some respect, I was in the car because I was not allowed in the safer environment inside. The best intentions can backfire in unknown ways.

Of course, my story is more than forty years old. Attitudes have changed and become more fearful. What seemed OK to do then, doesn't seem OK to do now. Why is that? Maybe part of our attitude change came from stories like this one from AP. Stories that seem neat, clean and complete.

As you can read in the links below, there is a lot more to the story than AP represents. Why these people were at the casino, how long the children were in the car and what the weather was like are not addressed very well even in the details I uncovered. For example, the kids were in the car but could have gotten out of the car at any time. Apparently, the weather was fouled by a tropical storm so the nearly fifteen year old boy chose to remain inside the dry car.

What strikes me as odd is how leaving a teenager alone with a two year old becomes a crime only if they are left inside an automobile. Grandma could have left the kids at home and everything would have been kosher unless the baby had died. In that case the news would surely point out that granny left the kids alone while she gambled. What if she left them alone while answering an IRS summons?

People hire kids “nearly fifteen” years old to babysit all the time. What's the difference if mom and pop go off for dinner and a show, but granny decides to pull a few slots?

If we conveniently forget the presence of the teenager, a Florida law passed in 2007 makes it a second-degree misdemeanor to leave a child younger than the age of 6 alone in a vehicle for more than 15 minutes, punishable by up to 60 days in jail and a $500 fine. The law makes sense because a child younger than six would have trouble getting out of the car. The law doesn't apply here, though.

Instead of the second-degree misdemeanor, the local gendarmes got granny to plead guilty on two misdemeanor counts and one felony count of child abuse! That's right, granny is a felon. I wonder what they threatened her with to get her to cop those pleas?

This case is blown out of proportion and you need to read all the links to see just what a procedural disaster went on. There are laws, civil codes and regulations but there are also policies, protocols and procedures that must be followed especially if your job happens to involve public safety. Granny appears to have fallen victim to a number of good people just doing their jobs.

Let me give you my elaborated overview of the case.

We know granny was driving her grandson and her boyfriend's two-year-old daughter around Fort Lauderdale when she decided to stop at a casino. It was the afternoon of Tuesday, the nineteenth of August, 2008 and a tropical storm was unleashing a torrent of rain, cooling the south Florida heat.

Granny went inside to get her “bank card” and we presume she stayed for more than an hour while gambling (according to investigators.) Meanwhile, the teen and the toddler were stuck in the car – it being too wet emerge outside. Early reporting said the windows were up, never mentioning rain. No doubt they were rolled up and down repeatedly to contend with window fogging and horizontal drizzle.

At some point in the hour or so the kids were in the car, a good Samaritan reported the children's presence to casino security. Security officers moved the kids inside the Mardi Gras Gaming facility in Hallandale Beach. A casino representative said, “the children seem fine” although one of the security guards reportedly said the young girl was wearing a jacket and was sweating profusely. The teenager told a reporter later that he “maybe sweated a little bit, but not really at all."

The kid told security about his grandma and they were able to locate her, although they don't mention what she was doing when found. Most likely, they called her name on the intercom system and she appeared where she was told to go. That's how you find people in casinos, you know.

Somewhere along the line, someone called the authorities in line with proper procedure. Naturally, the children were taken to the hospital by ambulance since no one wanted to take any chances with the health of a minor (or exposure to lawsuits). Whisking the kiddies off for “observation” cleared the way for arresting granny on two counts of aggravated child neglect.

Maybe leaving your teen to babysit a toddler while in the car was stupid, but it wasn't obviously unlawful – just a few “catch-all” clauses hidden under Florida state law were enough to compel granny to confess. Once police have a confession, sentencing usually follows. (Never talk to the police.)

It wasn't what this lady did that was so bad, but where she did it – inside a car. What is so terrible about kids sitting in a car? Had she left the kids on a park bench or inside a movie theater, would she still be arrested? Haven't all parents done something similar at one time or another? You know they have.

Why granny then? Was it just to cover their asses for making a big deal by hospitalizing the kids?

I think it's just procedural puddingheadedness or what might be termed politically correct policy policing. There wasn't any applicable law against what granny did, but still there was this hysterical reaction that seemed to run an automatic course from the first report of “kids in a car” all the way down to required sentencing.

If the teenager had been eighteen, would it be OK for him to sit in the car with a two year old for an hour? Probably, although the casino wouldn't want the insurance risk. Isn't that what nearly all laws are about, the protection of property? Why if someone had been hurt the city or the casino or likely both may have been sued! Let's make an ordinance outlawing anyone sitting in parked cars – for their own protection, of course.

August 20 2008 arrest reporting:


Local circus same day (once with video):


Local media aftermath just AP:


Casino response 22 August 2008:


More info:


Sunday, July 19, 2009


Most of us like to think we have common sense and that's a good thing. I mean we are talking about sense, held in common, right? The fact that it's common, means that most people have common sense by definition.

So how did the world get so fucked up?

A little common sense would go a long way towards unfucking things, wouldn't it? But there's the problem right there in the name for it. It's common sense. It's what the common man would do.

The problem is our leaders don't think of themselves as commoners. Nope, they're the elite. They went to the best schools, worked for the best companies and now they're repaying their debt for living in privilege by looking out for the interests of the common man through public service.

Fuck them.

That's their spiel, though. They are merely public servants implementing the will of the people. If you don't fucking like it, vote for change.

Politics. Who really has time for politics? Isn't that why the whole representative republic was set up in the first place? We elect some dipshit who is supposed to deal with all this stuff for us while we kick back on the couch and watch TV. That's the design, isn't it? Once in a while we have to get the fuck up and vote on who is supposed to represent us, but other than that it's Miller time.

The trouble is the cats you're forced to vote for. In the big elections where you actually know something about the candidates you hold your nose and pick the least offensive person. In the small elections, you hardly know anything about who does what except for which party they're in.

In America we have a two party system. That doesn't mean there are only two parties, it just means that if you're not in one of the two big political parties, you're not going to have any representation in government.

Now, don't get excited about that because isn't really isn't that big a deal. All it means is that under the rules of the two party system, you're a loser. Had you joined one of the two big and popular parties, you would have the pleasure of watching your candidate win, occasionally. Not that it matters.

Why doesn't winning matter? Because, there is no law that says politicians have to actually represent their constituents. The only option you have is to vote against the motherfucker, but look who he's running against! The other option in our two party system is usually just as bad.

When you vote for the lesser of two evils, what do you think you get? Evil, folks. Pure evil.

But the elites are smarter than us right? They went to the most prestigious, most expensive schools. Surely they are the most qualified to run the world, after all their families have been running the place for centuries and the world's still here. Mostly. Give or take a few million people.

They're constantly patting themselves on the back and giving each other pay raises over the way they've made civilization so uncivilized. The worst of them have been patted on the back for so long they think they're nobility. No shit. Queens and kings and stuff like that. If you didn't have the luck of being born into it, you could always be knighted for a small fee.

If you can get in, the game is easy. Just lie, cheat and steal – you can leave the killing to the hired help.

The elite. What a fucking joke. No one's laughing cause it's all true. You can't make this shit up, you can only point it out. Whether or not anyone else see what you're pointing at isn't as important as pointing at something in the first place. People who point shit out used to be called journalists, but now they're just fucking comedians.

The real journalists are too busy reciting their lines to do any reporting. Besides, reporters were outsourced to AP and UPI a long time ago. Did you know you can run your own newspaper just off what comes over the wire services? Shit, they've got it damned near automated by now just like their fucking web pages.

The whole damned web is data-driven websites tracking your every click in order to provide a friendlier, more personal service. If I wanted personal service with my website, I'd read it at a whorehouse. Personal fucking service – who do they think they're kidding?

It's all part of the police state that has been authorized by the nanny state as the politically correct response to whatever the fuck happened on 911.

Where was the common sense response to 911? The official report, published years later, had a one word executive summary: clusterfuck.

That's it. It was officially a clusterfuck. The government bungled every written procedure they had in place. Massive incompetence. Who could have predicted nineteen nitwits with box cutters could do so much damage?

I know about the so-called conspiracy theories and who really knows who is right? But, we can ask why no one in charge expressed any common sense in their responses to this tragedy.

Imagine. You're walking along the street when suddenly there's a large explosion and you look up to see a huge fireball blasting out of one of the World Trade Center towers. I think you'd know you're instantly in an emergency situation. You'll want to get safe, then you might think about what you can do to help the poor bastards in the middle of that.

At this point 911 is a local emergency, headline news throughout the nation, yes, but still just a horrible incident. Once the second plane hits the other tower, anyone with a brain knows they're under deliberate attack. It's terrorism.

Once the dust settled on the day, our leaders used uncommon sense when deciding to quickly clean up the mess and reopen Wall Street for the good of the economy. Not that the economy was that good before 911, it wasn't. Just clean it up and get back to business while the government hunts down the evildoers.

Just clean it up? Clean up all the evidence of a crime scene? They trucked it away so fast they used human flesh to fill in pot holes. Now every time you bump down the street in a New York cab you can think of your Uncle Louie. I'm not shitting here, look it up.

They shipped the steel off to China for Christ's sake. I wonder who got the money?

Folks, there were thousands of good reasons to study the evidence of this crime. Common sense says you cordon off the scene of the crime and investigate the evidence. CSI says the evidence never lies.

And yet, before one page of the official report was written, all of the evidence disappeared. The 911 commission was not commissioned at all until fourteen months after the attacks. Even then, the first idea was to let Henry Kissinger head it up. The stink of that idea even sickened Kissinger, so much so that he withdrew from the nomination. The spotlight would draw too much attention to the associates of Kissinger and Associates.

Fourteen months of delay followed by a whitewash, that was the official government investigation of 911. Nothing to see here, move along.

But folks, this is how it has always been. The common man can't handle the truth. Anyway, if we told him then everyone would know – even our enemies!

But 911 is just one example of how fucked up things are. Look at the economy. Now look who's involved in fucking that up – same guys as fucked up 911, isn't it? Isn't it? Same fucking guys!

Or their fucking brothers, or their cousins or their goddamn brother-in-laws. The same guys running the government are the same guys running the banks, the insurance companies and those god damned international think tanks.

Generations of uncommon men have led us to where we are today. It's been going on a long time. Mark Twain got in a lot of trouble for suggesting the Stars and Stripes be replaced by the Skull and Crossbones. Imagine what a country we'd have with an honest government.

Still, all the world's not totally fucked up. If there's no profit in something, our fearless leaders usually ignore it until they figure out a way to monetize it. That's the beauty of derivatives, you know, they are a way of deriving economic value from something that is utterly without value. A neat trick of monetary alchemy.

We still have our families and our friends, though. We love them. We know what's important.

Of course mom works all the time and dad only makes half what he used to, but we love 'em.

You can't help it if you're born poor. That just means you have to work hard and pay your taxes.

Hey, somebody has to empty the trash, farm the food and sell the PlayStations. You wouldn't want George W. Bush putting the brakes on Chevrolets, would you? Maybe Cadillacs, not Chevys.

No, the elites need us to do their work, pay their salaries and suck their dicks. Everything in society was designed just so the rich get richer and the rest just get replaced. Another generation of debt slaves programmed to keep civilization profitable. A world designed to grind the common man to dust.

Common sense? Where has it gotten us? It's not even part of the design.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


If government economic stimulus plans were designed by Microsoft, Version 3 is where they'd get it right. Unfortunately, the Federal Reserve and the Department of Treasury have already tossed several dead cats into the economy with no apparent effect. We are way past the magical third try.

Reading the mainstream media, it appears “they” (and we know who they are) are trying to frame the next Congressional Act as the second try, indeed the sequel to the first (since nothing before Obama appears to count. Does anyone still remember TARP?)

Congress may be on its third strike, but it accounts for less than two trillion of the nearly fourteen trillion dollars weaseled out of the United States government since last September. The other twelve trillion or so – I love how I've learned to toss around trillions of dollars as if I have any comprehension whatsoever of how big a number a trillion really is – were handed over to the bankers to divvy up.

Between the Nobel laureates arguing for a large stimulus and our so-called representatives fear of total economic collapse (and subsequent loss of control!) we are looking at what Saddam might have called the mother of all economic bailouts.

This time, there will be more than scraps for Main Street.

Any idiot can see that what has so far been tried has failed and even Joe Biden believes the economy is worse than feared earlier. Not that anyone with the power to do anything is going to do any more than enrich themselves and their friends, but it's nice to hear them admit things are nearly as bad as they seem.

Admitting you were wrong about something is an improvement over the last stage of puppets. I guess we're back to the good old days when the government paid us lip service while rigging the system.

I'm sorry, I don't see how this works. How does borrowing more money get you out of debt?

Let's just print up a bunch of cash and spend it all right now on whatever the hell we think we need.

Fine. Good. Done. How's your fiscal hangover?

Once our big party is over it'll just be more National Debt. How big can it get and how long can we carry the load before we collapse? How much of our country are we willing place in hock or sell outright? The bankers always want collateral, you know. How long until they own it all?

Sunday, May 10, 2009


It's Sunday and I'm feeling lazy. Consequently, I offer links to the works of others in lieu of my own profundities. A little light reading and a couple of movies should put a cap on your weekend.

While the debate rages over the authenticity of these two works, few disagree on their prescience. Hoax or not, today's society could be reconstructed from these blueprints.

Both “books” are perennial best sellers.

The movies probably require a pinch of salt. I haven't watched them yet, but suspect Zionists made the movie on the Protocols. If they did, it only reinforces the argument for authenticity.


Wiki the Protocols

HTML version with some backstory

Protocols on one page

A movie about the Protocols


Iron Mountain Revisted

Wiki the Report

The Report on one page

A movie about the Report

Friday, May 1, 2009

Bogeyman Flu

There seems to be a lack of agreement about the name of the infamous flu virus now threatening global health and commerce. At first, the World Health Organization called it Swine Flu, because its DNA mostly comes from pigs. Asian and European pigs, they said.

Naturally, pigs were immediately cast into suspicion as virus originators despite there being no sick pigs. Pigs are easy targets, especially in Muslim countries. Fingers immediately pointed at a huge pig farm in Vera Cruz, but that farm raises a breed of swine specific to the Americas, not Europe or Asia.

I couldn't imagine living next door to one million pigs but I can imagine the disgusting ways they could make their presence felt. I'm imagining a lingering stench that soaks into the villages and people that surround the farm. I'm imagining a plague of flies spawned from giant stinking cesspools of pig waste. The rest is unimaginable.

If we can't pin the blame for creating a killer virus on a multinational pig farm, let's at least use what we've learned to literally clean up their shit. The nastiness level of large-scale pig farming must be acknowledged and dealt with. People like eating pigs but we don't like messes.

Several governments have put temporary restrictions on pork products. The Egyptian government has ordered all pigs destroyed. The Swine moniker has cost a lot of money.

Responding to increased political pressures, the WHO changed the name to A(H1N1). It isn't catchy but does sound scientific. Someone suggested a contest to find a new name our popular killer.

The European newspapers called it the Mexican Flu, but I'm sure that ticks off the Mexicans. Unlike pigs, Mexicans can talk and they can't be happy with a name that blames them. Next thing you know, we'll be culling Mexicans.

History usually provides a name for things once the details are discovered, covered up or omitted. Sometimes it's the wrong name, like the 1918 Spanish Flu.

Oddly, the flu virus has DNA from birds and people, as well as pigs. If we can't blame it on people or pigs, maybe we can still find a stool pigeon. Unfortunately, there is already an Avian Flu going around.

I think we should call it the Bogeyman Flu because everything about it just feels bogus to me.

Relatively few of the reported cases of flu are actually confirmed. Despite what you see on CSI, it still takes time (and money) to sequence DNA. Consequently, scientists really know very little about the current epidemic including who has it, where it came from and how dangerous it really is. It could be very dangerous so the media is cranking out booga booga.

Monsanto has patents on genetically-designed pigs and many governments are designing bio weapons from various viruses. This wouldn't be the first man-made virus to escape into the wild.

It's boogieman scary this Bogeyman Flu. It's scary enough to push other scary news away -- news like the economic crisis and Dick Cheney's Madhouse of Torture. Little things like stolen trillions seem insignificant when you're hacking up blood.

News of the flu is brought to you by the same people responsible for the wars on terror, drugs and poverty. The bogeyman's job is to instill fear and a new killer virus makes his job easier.

If people are afraid to gather, it makes protesting difficult. We still have the internet for virtual civic intercouse but notice that the internet is full of viruses and infections as well. Meanwhile the bogeyman is writing new laws to shut down the internet as well.

Isolated in fear, will we become a nation of poverty-stricken, drug-addled toture victims?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

April 15th Blues

After a long, hard winter people should be able to enjoy the spring without the gawd-awful dread induced by the IRS. All the joy and hope for the new year is crushed by that feeling of impending doom that tax time brings. Even folks that know they have a refund coming dread the annual exercise of calculating the government's piece of their “action.”

If you do the math you will discover that the total IRS take only pays the interest on the national debt. That's right, your taxes aren't funding the war or feeding welfare mothers – they're simply lining the pockets of banksters who “loaned” non-existent money to fund the government in years past. This year's illegal wars have to be financed – kill now, pay later.

Every year at this time I get deeply disturbed that I have to spend so much time to figure out how much money the government wants to steal from me. Most years the figuring hurts more than the paying. The worst part for me is knowing that a legitimate government would simplify tax collection such that its people could enjoy springtime without tax worries.

There are many ways to run a legitimate government without harassing people by requiring they incriminate themselves by signing an income confession. I think part of the reason for the income tax (apart from taking your money) is to force people to submit to government edict in a most abusive way. It's some sort of Pavlovian training, some sort of slave conditioning.

The only reason for taxes is to fund government. To govern is to control. To agree to fund government is to agree that people are out of control and need their behavior regulated. I think the vast majority of people do not require governing. Most people get along with others and are fair-minded. They work and play within established social norms without the need for written rules.

But, then there are the sociopaths, what used to be called psychopaths. They make up about 3% of society and are usually prisoners or politicians. The sociopaths who manage to constrain themselves enough to stay out of jail naturally gravitate to positions of power due to their lack of compassion for others. They are usually smart, cunning and persuasive. Between their powerful positions and their compelling arguments, they can persuade many people to help accomplish their goals. Sociopaths are natural born leaders. Consequently, we live in a psychopathic world.

Since the psychos are in control, they naturally figure the rest of us are as evil as they are and so write law after law after law to regulate us. Have you ever wondered why politicians are also called lawmakers? If a politician doesn't write or sponsor several new laws each year he is considered a failure! There are so many laws, regulations and ordinances on the books that right now you are probably breaking several without even knowing it.

So while our controllers wriggle with joy as they transform springtime into tax time, providing a season of angst for the unsuspecting and obliging herd of sheeple, let us consider an alternative to income tax.

I propose we toss the income tax and all other taxes to be replaced with a very simple sales tax. Anything bought or sold would be taxed at 3% – with 1% local (city/county), 1% state and 1% federal. No other taxes to be levied. No income or property taxes whatsoever.

The kicker here is to tax anything that physically changes hands. Anything. Any hands. Any time.

Today, there is no tax on food if it is unprepared. The sociopaths traded poor people's food so they could trade real estate, stocks and bonds with impunity. The taxes lost on food are nothing compared to the tax savings the rich receive. We need to tax food and everything to avoid rich exceptions. No excuses.

No more resale licenses to pass sales taxes to end consumers. All taxes and all levels. This will remove several layers of middle man fat. There are resale levels in our economy that profit on untaxed markups that add no value to goods. Corporations create subsidiaries just to cash in on nontaxable redistribution of goods. All the middle men create are higher prices and we are better off without them. Taxing their operations will drive them out of business if they do not add value.

Only taxing sales would greatly benefit wall street. Today, companies employ accounting firms to hide their real income from the IRS in order to pay lower income taxes. These phony numbers are passed along to potential investors in their annual reports. These same companies will spend money on worthless write offs to offset taxable income. A lot of money is wasted chasing tax credits instead of investing in whatever the company actually does to create income.

If there were no income tax, corporations would not hide their income. They would seek to maximize income by avoiding unnecessary purchases. Accountants could go back to balancing books instead of manipulating them!

Can a 3% tax work? I think so. Remember, it is at every transaction level. A company buying steel will pay tax on that steel. When that company makes ball bearings, the company that buys those bearings will pay tax on them. When the bearings are placed in street skates, the skate company will also be taxed. When the skate is sold to a distributor, the distributor will pay tax. When the distributor sells to Wal-Mart, Wal-Mart will pay tax. Finally, you will be taxed on your pair of street skates with steel ball bearings.

Yes, you'll be taxed on milk, but so will the big shots be taxed while trading stocks on Wall Street or the financiers selling sub-prime mortgage instruments. The only exchange I would exempt is the exchange of labor. You cannot be taxed for exchanging your time for money.

So here we sit, dreading what otherwise would be a lovely spring day just to satisfy the gluttony of the Federal Reserve. Both the Fed and the income tax were created in 1913, look it up. (Other notable 1913 creations were the Anti Defamation League, the American Cancer Society and the Alfalfa Club – quite a busy year for the Creeple, but they do love their 13's.)

Monday, April 6, 2009

In Sickness and Health

Sorry to be away so long, but I have been very sick.

It started with a cough, then the cough got much worse. It was the kind of hacking, lung-splitting cough that doesn't let you sleep. Accompanying the cough was a general malaise, a feeling that there was no energy to do anything -- so nothing got done.

As one of the 47 million Americans without health insurance, I couldn't ask a doctor what was wrong with me. Instead, I turned to the internet for remedies. Since my sickness persisted, it became apparent it wasn't a simple flu or cold, but probably a more serious viral infection.

My research eventually led me to a diagnosis of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

I was infected by my dear wife who works in close proximity of two-legged viral incubators known as pre-schoolers. RSV is common with one to three year olds, but is easily passed to their older caretakers (and the caretakers' spouses.) The sickness lasts about 2 weeks, which is consistent with my sufferings. There is no cure, vaccine or effective treatment (although oxygen and liquids can help alleviate symptoms.)

So, I got sick so what? Why should I blog about this? Well, RSV can lead to pneumonia and death for older people. And RSV is rarely diagnosed by the medical community -- instead passed off as a common cold or flu. I think RSV is a much bigger problem than is acknowledged and since it lasts two weeks is costing a lot of money in lost work days.

In my research, I discovered that RSV has been hanging around much longer this rainy season than in years past. Why is that? What is different now than before?

I stumbled upon MedImmune corporation and found these frightening tidbits:

RSV Vaccine (MEDI-559)

EDI-559 is an intranasal, recombinant, live attenuated, temperature sensitive respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccine being developed, in conjunction with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID), for the prevention of lower respiratory tract disease in young infants that is caused by RSV.

Motavizumab (treatment)
Motavizumab is an anti-RSV humanized IgG1 MAb that was derived by affinity maturation of palivizumab (Synagis ®) and is 10-20 times more potent than palivizumab at neutralizing RSV in tissue culture. It is being studied for the treatment of active RSV disease. This study evaluates the effect of a single IV dose of motavizumab for the treatment of children hospitalized with RSV illness.

Motavizumab is an anti-RSV humanized IgG1 MAb that was derived by affinity maturation of palivizumab (Synagis ®) and is 10-20 times more potent than palivizumab at neutralizing RSV in tissue culture. A Biologic License Application (BLA) for motavizumab was submitted to the FDA in January 2008 and accepted for filing in March 2008.

MedImmune has the expertise to address target diseases with a wide variety of vaccine technologies

Some of these technologies include:

Live, attenuated vaccine: Uses live but weakened virus to induce immunity, as is done with FluMist® (Influenza Virus Vaccine Live, Intranasal), the only nasal spray influenza vaccine approved in the United States to help prevent seasonal influenza in eligible individuals ages two to 49 years old. It is designed to stimulate an immune response that closely resembles the body’s natural reaction to an infection by using a live, weakened virus.

What all of this means is that MedImmune is currently conducting human trials of their RSV vaccines. They have locations throughout America and in Europe. Their headquaters is in Frederick, Maryland only five miles down the road from Fort Detrick. Yes, Anthrax HQ!

The thing is, I had never heard of RSV until my medical benefits went "poof." As far as I ever knew I had a cold or the flu but nothing like this that lasts for weeks. Obviously, I have been sick for weeks, but always thought it was just a real bad cold. I guess having no one to turn to can be a good thing for your education.

So, the government and big business have been actively seeking a vaccine for RSV and conducting human trials of their latest/greatest product. Consequently, the public has been suffering a prolonged pandemic of a disease practically no one has ever heard of. RSV seems to be some kind of secret! About 600,000 people worldwide die from this unknown disease.

Maybe I'm paranoid, but I think the unprecedented length of this year's RSV season is related to the human clinical trials of RSV vaccines by MedImmune and other companies funded by the US government. It wouldn't be the first time the government experimented on the populace without their knowledge.

All I know is I've been sick as hell and I'm sorry I couldn't post my normal tinfoil hat conspiracy theories until now.

Stay tuned for further announcements.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Game Over Dude, Game Over

Folks, I've been putting off making this post for some time. In fact, I've tried to convince myself for years that what is happening now is not really happening. Like many of you, I've been in denial.

The end -- game over -- is upon us.

I've been looking for jobs, but few employers even bother to autorespond to my resume. Every month, another 600,000+ American jobs are lost. Jobs are vaporizing and that is very bad news for poor bastards as myself who can't qualify for unemployment aid.

I've tried to convince myself that maybe it's just me. I'm screwed but there is still hope for others.

No. There's no hope for anyone under the present economic system. Everything is tapped out and the only game left is guessing how long it takes for everyone to figure this out.

The US government just passed a $410 billion emergency spending bill to keep operating until the end of September. California only recently finalized their 2009 budget with 2010 coming due on July 1st. It seems all levels of government are scurrying to find money missing from optimistic budget projections. Few governments have a clue how bad the next year will be.

Governments are good at bullshitting you out of money, but they suck badly at continuing to operate normally when you have no money to give them. They've been cutting public services so long, that all that's left is cutting back on emergency services. In the next year, we'll all start to wonder why we give money to the government at all. The last cutback government will make is interest payments to international bankers. At last, the people will know who controls them.

Look, it took California eight months to figure out their 2009 budget and the federal government five months to figure out theirs. Both budgets are up for renewal before we know it -- how long will it take to straighten out 2010, especially given the lies compounded into 2009?

Considering that the economic fundamentals continue to accelerate into a death spiral, where are we going to be a year from now? Is there any possible way to have any functional governments in two years? It's game over and maybe sooner than later.

Nothing in politics happens by accident. Therefore, everything we are experiencing is planned. "They" are ruining the system on purpose. Their goal must be to destroy all currencies in order to introduce a new World Currency. After unimaginable suffering, of course.

Don't allow this to happen. A "reset" of the world economy followed by "new money" will just mean a new round of usurious lending that eventually returns us to exactly where we are today.

A "New World Order" will consolidate control in fewer hands and enslave the survivors of the "Greatest Depression" even worse than the bondage we now suffer.

If we can't avoid another depression, then at least let us learn from it. Let us outlaw usury and unearned taking. Let us create an economy where everyone has the opportunity to profit from their own work.

Stop paying for three houses while living in one!

Monday, March 2, 2009

I Suck as a Writer

I understand I am not a very good writer, so don't bother telling me.

I write because it feels good -- it's a catharsis, whatever that is. Some of the reason I write is because people who write worse than I do believe I should write because they can't. I guess it's like the toad who thinks a frog a prince because the frog doesn't have warts.

Suck or not, I'm writing. Maybe the repetition will make me better? We can only hope.

I may not be able to elucidate my thoughts the way I hope, but I think the gist of my ruminations is apparent. See? I suck.

My biggest problem is I slept through every English class I sporadically attended. Participles, dangling or otherwise, may as well be terms in quadratic equations as far as I know. I slept through math as well. Syntax and grammar are foreign concepts to my alcohol-addled brain. Don't look for me to study up on these concepts anytime soon, as I have higher priorities.

My theory on writing is you can get better without studying English fundamentals just by reading. I am extremely well-read if you consider I have consumed more than 100 titles in the Destroyer series.

I've also read nearly everything by Mark Twain (my idol), H.G. Wells and J.R.R. Tolkien more than once. Many popular authors such as Stephen King (who cannot write a decent ending) and Michael Crichton have surrendered to my gaze as well.

In fact, I've read thousands of books by hundreds of brilliant authors and yet I still suck at writing. I guess the answer is "Writers write." No matter how much you read, reading is not the same skill as writing.

One of my problems is that I don't know which writer to emulate! A joke about Ernest Hemingway is that when writing a letter to a friend he hadn't written to in a long while, he wrote a very long letter and then ended it with the apology that the letter would have been shorter if he had more time to write. The joke, of course, is that writing short sentences is much harder than writing long ones.

Should I write short, clear sentences or long, obtuse, multi-syllabic diatribes that obfuscate my true meaning so that only professors of literature may interpret my true intentions? If I try to write like Twain or Mencken will I expose myself as a fraud?

Anyway, you can't write outside your time or you will sound funny. Shakespeare was a great writer but nobody gets away with his manner of speech anymore. Shit, Yoda sounds like the bard.

I guess I'm stuck writing in my own sucky way and hoping that three hundred years from now college curricula recognizes my genius at expressing the harried syntax of my time. "Those poor bastards didn't have the time to learn proper English, and we all know by now how pointless any such attempt would be anyways." (Early Reader circa 2323.)

So, if you know where I've misplaced an apostrophe or where I've lost track of tense or, God forbid, used laid instead of lie, don't bother reprimanding me because it won't do any good. I'm a slow learner and half of what I learn doesn't stick, anyway. I took Algebra four times, scoring A's the last two, and still can't solve a linear equation. I've got a simple mind that thinks in common terms that have served me amazing well throughout my spartan existence.

Bear with me. I'll get better (very) slowly.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

How the Bailout Works

Both the banks and the government say they're flat broke. Despite this, the government borrows money from the banks, pledging to repay the loan by taxing people who have not yet been born. The banks create this money out of thin air, based on the promise of the government to force their citizens to pay the interest on the loan. There is no real concern about the principal, as it can be refinanced later.

So, the ruling elite conjure several trillion dollars from the promise to enslave American taxpayers for generations to come and use that money to replace their gambling losses. They screwed up, but taxpayers foot the bill.

Some people think the Illuminati plan everything. I think they plan 90% but the other 10% is out of control. No matter how much money you have or how careful your plans, human beings fuck up.

Most mistakes are easily contained. Some may even cause a change in plans. But every once in a while, someone does something that makes everyone else stand up and take notice. Once in a very great while, things escalate out of the control of even the most controlling party.

In this case, greed escalated in the form of derivative bets upon derivative bets. The Creeple bought into their own bullshit that we could all be millionaires and leveraged their investments into the quadrillions of dollars. They thought they had everything under control until they decided to bet billions of dollars on whether or not Jose Martinez could pay his mortgage.

In the old days they wouldn't care if Jose could pay. If he didn't pay, they'd take his fucking house.

They had collateral they knew was good because they hired their cousins to inspect the goods.

But someone screwed up. Someone started betting whether or not Jose could pay. Then someone else started betting on how much interest Jose would pay and someone else bet how much money Jose would pay buying gas to power the leaf blower he needed to pay the interest on his mortgage.

After a while, it was clear that if you could bet on Jose, you could bet on anyone or anything – and they did. They bet bets that bet on bets. Pretty soon, they had bet all the money in the world – many times over. They bet so much that if everyone in the world worked only to pay off their bets, it would take many, many years.

It was a mistake, an irrational exuberance – an over-extension of leverage. Rich people suddenly found themselves owing their entire fortunes to one another! No one could pay because no one understood their entire fortunes were based entirely on the ability of the American people to pay their taxes and Americans hadn't had a decent paying job since the Creeple shipped them overseas twenty years ago.

The only thing holding up the house of cards was the ability of the lowest people to pay their debts. When the job doesn't pay and the credit runs out, Jose defaults on his loan and rich people owing other rich people start toppling like dominoes. If it had been just Jose, the rich would have taken his house and all would be forgotten – but the rich Creeple betting Jose would keep paying were the first to fall.

It's a vicious circle of falling home prices and lost jobs. On the bright side, once all the jobs are gone the price of a home will be zero. We'll all either be dead or ready to move somewhere else. We're facing a ghost town on a global scale. Where do we move to from Earth?

The bailouts are helping a few elite families accumulate as much wealth as they possibly can before heading to an undisclosed location. They hope to be safe there when the shit really hits the fan. Historically, depressions are followed by wars.

The economic collapse is like a pressing RESET on our national currency. The elite want a replacement or devaluation along with write offs to return us to 1913 and another hundred years of inflationary interest collection. Interest payments keep the Sheeple working so the Creeple don't have to.

The system is vulnurable to change if only we demand it. Without usury, we could have an economy where loans finance productivity instead lining the pockets of parasites.

I'm trying to get the word out, but if no one knows how the Creeple control us through interest payments, the money will reset and we'll be right back to licking their boots.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Don't Bailout Banks, Buy Them!

Kudos to Representative Alan Grayson (D-FL) for taking Citibank to task for their so-called "insurance policy" -- giving US taxpayers $7 billion in shares in exchange for some $250 billion in guarantees. Grayson is thinking with at least half his brain, which is more than can be said for the majority of Congress.

Here's what you need to know about the bailouts. It's very simple. October's TARP spent $350 billion with another $350 billion left to Obama to disperse. February's bailout is $787 billion. The Federal Reserve loaned another $2 trillion between September and the end of 2008, but refuses to say to whom or what for. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac got guarantees of several trillion.

According to Bloomberg News, the total cost of the bailouts thus far is 9.7 trillion dollars.

Congress called the CEOs of the eight major banks for a collective pee pee whack. They rolled their eyes and admitted that not only had they wasted the original $350 billion TARP, but they used the money to pay bonuses and buy up the competition.

Well, I took a quick look at Yahoo Finance and came up with a total market capitalization of these eight banks of $278 billion. That's right. We spent $9.7 trillion on banks worth $278 billion.

I'm not making this up. According to Wall Street investors, you can OWN ALL EIGHT BANKS for $278 billion. If you own something, you get to make all the rules. You set how much CEOs make. You set lending terms. You control everything. Of course, you're on the hook for any losses but we appear to be on that hook without any upside, anyway. And we are trillions in debt to boot.

Here's an idea -- give the shareholders a 25% profit -- pay $350 billion for all eight in a hostile takeover. The money is already allocated by the unspent second half of the original TARP. Buy them out and set new lending terms of ZERO percent interest with a small fee. Appoint new directors at pay rates no higher than the Vice President of the United States ($208,100) and make them government employees (GS-Whatever.)

Once the eight major banks start lending at zero percent, it won't be long until their competitors get with the program. If they don't, buy them out as well. Yes, nationalize the banks.

Once this idea hits the mainstream, it won't be long until the public understands the scam the Federal Reserve has been running and demands its dissolution. The IRS can't be far behind.

We have the opportunity, right now, to solve the economic crisis and create a new monetary system that rewards value producers instead of parasites.

Let's do it!

Goldman Sachs 39.58B
JP Morgan Chase Co 80.82B
Bank of New York Mellon 26.56B
Bank of America 24.59B
State Street 10.02B
Morgan Stanley 21.23B
Citigroup INC 16.68B
Wells Fargo 57.89B

Total $277.37 billion.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The People versus the Banks

"The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks." Lord Acton

We teeter at the precipice of the largest economic depression since the Dark Ages. Nothing in modern history compares with the current threat of a return to feudal society.

As horrible as was the War to End All Wars and the war that followed, the suffering we now face threatens worse than even Hitler imagined.

There are no jobs, but plenty of work. Lacking money provided by jobs, the people will starve.

Don't look to the governments for handouts, they've been broke for years. Only inflated home prices kept the financial world turning, the people borrowing to eat, but now the equity is gone and so the game is over.

America outsourced its production to the rest of the world and the rest of the world depended on Americans to buy their goods. But without real work, American wages were stagnated and the people were forced to use their homes as cash machines. With every refinance, the banksters profited more.

With the last dollar of equity gone, the financial scam is exposed as a Ponzi scheme. The suckers have been completely fleeced and there's no future left to hock. The game is over.

I think the time Lord Acton spoke of has now come. We are unable to pay the interest, much less the principal -- not that the principal was ever more than entries in a ledger book.

Government is as much to blame for this crises as the banksters, after all, government is owned and operated by banksters. Another quote from Lord Acton will help explain:

“And remember, where you have a concentration of power in a few hands, all too frequently men with the mentality of gangsters get control. History has proven that. All power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Our governments were corrupted long ago and their power long absolutely corrupted.

Ezra Pound, the father of modernist poetry, spent twelve years in a mental institution for expressing the common sense argument that usury kills: (listen)

Canto LXV

With usura hath no man a house of good stone
each block cut smooth and well fitting
that delight might cover their face,

with usura

hath no man a painted paradise on his church wall
harpes et luthes
or where virgin receiveth message
and halo projects from incision,

with usura

seeth no man Gonzaga his heirs and his concubines
no picture is made to endure nor to live with
but it is made to sell and sell quickly

with usura, sin against nature,
is thy bread ever more of stale rags
is thy bread dry as paper,
with no mountain wheat, no strong flour

with usura the line grows thick

with usura is no clear demarcation
and no man can find site for his dwelling
Stone cutter is kept from his stone
weaver is kept from his loom


wool comes not to market
sheep bringeth no gain with usura
Usura is a murrain, usura
blunteth the needle in the the maid's hand
and stoppeth the spinner's cunning. Pietro Lombardo
came not by usura
Duccio came not by usura
nor Pier della Francesca; Zuan Bellin' not by usura
nor was "La Callunia" painted.
Came not by usura Angelico; came not Ambrogio Praedis,
No church of cut stone signed: Adamo me fecit.
Not by usura St. Trophime

Not by usura St. Hilaire,

Usura rusteth the chisel
It rusteth the craft and the craftsman
It gnaweth the thread in the loom
None learneth to weave gold in her pattern;
Azure hath a canker by usura; cramoisi is unbroidered
Emerald findeth no Memling

Usura slayeth the child in the womb
It stayeth the young man's courting
It hath brought palsey to bed, lyeth
between the young bride and her bridegroom


They have brought whores for Eleusis
Corpses are set to banquet

at behest of usura.

Toward the end of Pound's life, he said he mistook the symptom (usury) for the cause (greed).

Unbridled greed does cause usury, but self-interest is why we get out of bed. There is some virtue in profit but Reagan overstated the case saying, "Greed is good."

If value is added to a product, it follows that the value-adder should be rewarded for his efforts. Earned profit is good, even if driven by greed. Unearned profit is just stealing.

Some resources to help you understand the current crises:

Money as Debt

The Earth Plus 5%

The Story of Stuff

Freedom to Fascism

Freedom Road

Concise History of Usury

By now you're saying, "Steve, I get it. Greed begets usury and usury is legal only because governments are controlled by banksters. Usury begets debt and debt begets inflation. Inflation begets hyperinflation and hyperinflation begets death. SO WHAT DO WE DO???"

Governments (controlled by banksters) are the enemy. This enemy controls vast resources and still has the faithful cooperation of many, many stooges. They have written the laws, they control the armies and the police. We have the allowed the psychopaths control over our lives.

Today's governments are operated by psychopathic lying thieving killers. Open your eyes and see the truth. Why should half the world starve and most of the rest struggle while a very few assholes live in luxury? This is a big planet, there's more than enough for all of us.

It's a matter of attitude. We need to adopt an attitude of abundance instead of scarcity. Look at all the food thrown away -- it could feed the world. We could grow more if we wanted. The only reason things are as they are is the economic system enforced by (controlled) governments.

Since we have very few resources and virtually no weapons, our ONLY recourse is to deprogram the people we know. Information and re-education are our only hope. There is no hope for violent revolution just as there is no hope for voting change while banksters control the count.

As horrible as the economic crises is, as much suffering as it will bring, it will force our friends and relatives to pull their heads from the sand and ask, "Why the hell is this happening?"

You now know the answer is usury, so explain it to them. Only when the majority understands how we got into this mess in the first place can we hope for a better world.

Talk to your friends. Preach to them. Ask them to tell others. Truth is the only hope.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Stockton Job Fair

Stockton, California is the national epicenter of home foreclosures. Situated in the heart of the fertile "Big Valley," Stockton was traditionally an agricultural center.

In the 1990's, Stockton was promoted as a bedroom community for high-tech workers in the San Francisco Bay Area and home construction boomed. Despite the nightmarish two hour commute (each way,) lower echelon workers jumped at the chance of owning a part of the American dream at half the price of Bay Area homes.

But the slowing economy of 2007, escalating gasoline prices and stagnant wages killed the dreams of many of Stockton homeowners by 2008. By the time the economy collapsed in September, one in ten Stockton homes would be in foreclosure. To add insult to injury, Stocktonites would be blamed for igniting the national economic crises via sub-prime loans.

A victim of my own stupidity as much as the economy, I moved to Stockton in August 2008 and have been looking for a job ever since. I've learned the hard way that low real estate prices are the result of few (and low-paying) jobs. Lack of jobs is what creates ghost towns.

Sacramento television station KRCA advertised an upcoming Job Fair in Stockton for more than a month. (Oddly, or not, there is no television station in Stockton.) When the big day finally came, I printed up a dozen or so resumes and headed down to the Stockton Grand Hotel along with my son and his girlfriend. None of us hoped for much and we weren't disappointed.

The activity was scheduled for noon to five and we arrived mid-day on the dot to take our place in a line already one thousand strong. Another thousand lined up behind us before we took our first step forward about fifteen minutes later. We were still a block from the door after half an hour. More people were lining up behind us.

After more than an hour, as we neared the entrance to the hotel, a KCRA cameraman started filming the queue. Just then, a young lady behind us walked toward the camera and then collapsed. Hotel security called an ambulance and the whole scene was taped. It looked like the TV station was going to get a bigger story than planned.

At the front door, we were allowed inside as part of a group of about 15 people. Our objective turned out to be a tiny conference room upstairs crowded by 21 employer tables. Nine employers were government agencies, probably convinced to show up just to fill space. The City of Stockton and San Joaquin County were there, but I knew from their websites they had nothing of value to offer.

With the State of California $42 billion in debt and the comptroller pondering IOU's instead of tax return checks, the Highway Patrol was just blocking navigational space.

Of course, the Army and Air Force reserves were there and the Federal Bureau of Prisons along with the Border Patrol. There is still a bright future for head knockers! I looked around for FEMA or Homeland Security but couldn't find them. Maybe that's a good thing.

Had we merely been interested in pick-pocketing, the California Franchise Tax Board was represented but I doubt they really had any jobs available.

Afflac, the insurance company with the annoying duck mascot, was there but only recruiting independent salespeople. Apparently, you have to pay them to train you to sell their products.

Speaking of paying, Kaplan College (not really a college) would train you to be a dental assistant for the right price. Artistically gifted folks could even pay to learn advertising from some outfit calling themselves the International Academy of Design.

There were a couple of medical associations I had never heard of who offered a few jobs in the highly-regulated and licensed "careers" of low-paid medical flunkies.

The concession contractor for Yosemite National Park (Delaware North Companies Parks and Resorts) offered only seasonal, minimum wage jobs. Yosemite is two hours away.

F&M Bank ("California's Strongest Bank") claimed to have several positions from teller to loan assistant. But a later check of their website says there are no positions available. Hell, they're probably broke, anyway.

McDonald's, Burger King and Rite-Aide were there claiming to be looking for "managers."

By this point I was pretty disgusted with the whole affair which I considered a sham and a facade erected for evening news propaganda. Nine tables were government, two wanted money and nine more had nothing substantial on offer (a radio station co-hosted the event and offered a single part-time job handing out bumper stickers.)

There was one table left. The Wine Group claimed to have electrical and mechanical jobs that might fit my experience, but the ladies at the booth had no technical expertise to answer my questions. I dropped off a resume which they duly stamped and placed in a small pile.

An hour and a half in line followed by half an hour milling about the tables netted me one resume drop. My son and his girlfriend each dropped three. As we left we noted the line now stretched down the block, around the corner, down the block again, around another corner and down the block yet again! I estimate around five thousand people attended on the day. Stockton population is about 300,000 -- you do the math.

The family gathered around the TV for the six-o'clock news, (link is video prior to event) hoping to see ourselves. KCRA congratulated the success of their Job Fair featuring "more than twenty" employers. They expressed surprise at the size of the turnout of "thousands of job seekers."

We didn't see ourselves or the unfortunate young lady who collapsed during the long wait.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Raspberry Rulers

The clever gentlemen pictured is Rahm Emanuel, incoming White House Chief of Staff.

Emanuel, known for his tempestuous anger and foul language, is now President Barak Obama's closest adviser. If Obama can be faulted as being too laid back, perhaps "Rahm-bo" offers some balance. He is Mr. Hyde to Obama's Dr. Jekyll.

Born into a wealthy Jewish family, Rahm made millions as a Wall Street investment banker before being appointed by Bill Clinton to head Freddie Mac in 2000. Yes, that Freddie Mac.

Rahm-bo spent the last six years as a congressman from Chicago, but resigned to serve on Obama's staff. He appears to be a social liberal, a chicken hawk, a friend of Israel and a fiscal abomination.

But I didn't start out to write about Mr. Emanuel -- his ilk is too common in government to be very remarkable. I set out to write about the inauguration, but got lost trying to explain how this picture epitomizes the government's attitude toward its people.

The sight of nearly two million people shivering for hours just to say they "were there" at the beginning of America's first black Presidency did not give me hope. When the television commentators explained how proud I should be that our country had marched down the road of freedom and equality, I nearly cried. My swelling tears were not of patriotism, but shame that so many people still sheepwalk through their lives.

After eight long years of unending disasters under Bush, it's hard to fault people for swallowing the empty promises of "Hope" and "Change." The ghost of Carroll Quigley must be having a good chuckle at our expense. The only thing that changed were the names of the actors -- and as far as I know, we still can't eat hope.

Our rulers thumb their noses, stick out their tongues and wriggle their fingers in our general direction. We just got fooled, again. Now Obama can take up the "hard work" of Presidential signings -- signing our checks over to Rahm's bankster buddies.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Financial Tsunami

Bubble, bubble. Toil and trouble. What's the next bubble to burst?

The great Ponzi scheme that was America is coming to an end. Read between the lines of the Cleveland Dispatch to see where the next shoe will drop.

The home real estate crises is not over and the commercial real estate crises has just begun.

When bad times hit, trouble runs uphill. Economic tsunamis take the path of least resistance. People with few resources are bowled over first. You can't live paycheck to paycheck without a paycheck.

If the wave is of sufficient magnitude, and this one is a quadrillion dollars high, it will rush right up the hill and drown even those standing on huge piles of gold.

People lose jobs and stores close. Stores close so malls close. Malls close so real estate investment trusts (REITs) fail. REITs fail and the stock market plunges. Stocks plunge so people lose jobs.

People who lose their jobs can't pay taxes. No taxes, no government.

While the federal government can print money to pay bills, the local governments can't. Expect them to drown as their resources allow – city followed by county followed by state. All this year, I think.

If there is one thing that's clear, capitalism's backbone is the worker – and the poorer the better so he'll stay motivated to work. Capitalism doesn't work in a nation of millionaires (the false hope of 401Ks.)

Usury is designed to make debt slaves of working people and eventually bankrupts them. If the rich folks running this scam want it to continue in this generation, they are going to have to forgive the indebtedness and start over. The alternative is a complete collapse and that is what we are experiencing.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sheeple and Social Hierarchy

No doubt you've heard of the Sheeple. Sometimes they're called the goyim, or the unwashed masses, or the useless eaters. All are derogatory terms for people who go through life without paying attention to external forces shaping their existence. You might say they are sheepwalking through life.

A few years ago, I humorously expanded the idea of Sheeple to encompass more levels of awareness. The Sheeple were in the middle of a bell curve, representing the vast majority of people. To the left were those with more awareness of their situation and opposed to it, and to the right were those with more awareness but inclined toward the status quo.

The result was more fascinating than funny.

On a standard bell curve, 68% of whatever is represented is in the middle. So, we can assume that 68% of human beings are actually Sheeple. Sheeple go along with the system they're born into without much argument. They may question the status quo, be it capitalism, communism, fascism, Catholicism, or any other “ism,” but they rarely act on their doubts. They just try to get along as best they can.

One standard deviation away from the Sheeple center, you have left and right “radicals.” This represents 27% of the population, with 13.5% on the left and 13.5% on the right.

The folks on the left I call Seeple. They “see” what is wrong with society and tend to report on it. Here you'll find artists and bloggers like me. Seeple see what is going on, but they feel powerless to stop it.

The folks on the right I call Meeple. They might see that society is screwed up, but they don't care as long as they can capitalize on it. They are likely to be your boss at work. They are cops and lawyers and judges. They pretend that society's rules are in everyone's best interest and work to enforce them when they aren't breaking them. These Meeple are hypocrites that are often exposed by Seeple.

We have accounted to 95% of people with just Sheeple, Seeple and Meeple – but there is another 5% equally distributed left and right of the bell...

On the left, 2.5% of the population are Freeple. These folks have severed contact with society as we know it. They are either self-sufficient, living in cabins in Idaho or they have given up and are homeless living under bridges. Homeless people don't give a shit and they don't vote. Despite the fact that they live on the edge of existence, they are free. Truly self-sufficient people, with no taxable income are rare. I imagine there are a few truly Freeple, but most are free via abdication.

On the right are the 2.5% or so of sociopaths who set up the entire system. I call these assholes Creeple. They don't give a shit about anyone else, but they are glad to have the help of the idiot 13.5% Meeple and the compliance of the 68% Sheeple. No wonder they promote Democracy, eh?

Freeple. Seeple. Sheeple. Meeple. Creeple. Humanity in a nutshell.

The Freeple and the Creeple are pretty much nuts, but in different ways. Very few Freeple are capable of coping with their lives while the Creeple not only cope with their own lives, they seek to control other people's lives.

There's not much to be done for this 5% of society. It is the dregs and the elite, both are incorrigible.

If nothing can be done for what we tend to call the top and bottom of society, what of the middle and the first deviation? Are we forever stuck with people who don't care to learn (Sheeple) and people who do wrong despite knowing better (Meeple?) Can Seeple help the others see?

I think a difference can be made by education. Not government (Creeple) education, but popular education. Talking. Arguing. Writing crap like this. Get the Sheeple and Meeple to think a little.

The Sheeple don't want to think and the Meeple don't want to think how fucked up they are. But if we keep repeating the lessons, like propaganda, they will hear it and some of it will sink in. It is really hard to stay in denial while confronting truth. The Meeple will resist, but the Sheeple will absorb.

If we can shift the bell curve to the left (and by left I don't mean left-political or communist) we can reduce the percentage of Sheeples and Meeples. I don't think we can ever reduce the Creeple percentage as they are inbred psychopaths without empathy. Ultimately, only incarceration or annihilation will rid the world of the Creeple scourge.

A perfect society of self-sustaining individuals have the integrity to not need police, lawyers, judges, politicians, bankers or soldiers. Once we learn to respect ourselves, respect for others follows. It is possible to create a world where anyone can do what they want to do without hurting others.

We can start with some simple rules and build on them.

Presently, the single biggest gain for society would be to outlaw any unearned income. No interest payments and no jobs that don't create value. This would outlaw private banks and many worthless government jobs. Banks and government are where the Meeple and Creeple feed.

If we can see fit to outlaw usury and uselessness, then we are well on our way to living in a world that maximizes human potential.