Thursday, July 29, 2010


I am in a lot of trouble with the IRS. Consequently, I often imagine myself arguing before a nameless, faceless minion of the Money Cabal known as a judge: (call this a dream for now)

Your Honor, (emphasis on YOUR,) you are welcome to all the Federal Reserve Notes you desire from me. They are nothing but Get Out of Jail Free cards, anymore. I want no part of them. They are not money as I have come to understand money.

These notes represent everything I abhor. War. Pestilence. Poverty. Their value comes only from the cheating of other people, and I choose not to cheat any longer.

What backs these notes is not the industry of a proud nation working to create wealth, but fear instilled by a criminal cabal bent on world domination. This money buys only the cooperation of fools who believe success is bought by murder and mayhem. Perhaps it is fitting that their reward diminishes with every passing day through the tyranny of inflation brought on by usury.

Take all of these notes and eat them. They are yours as always. They have never been mine, anyway.

Take back these notes and swallow them. I cringe from their existence. This is wealth purchased with the blood of innocents – I no longer desire such abominations. If you can draw sustenance from such filth, you are welcome to it. I can only vomit at what these counterfeits represent.

Give me instead something of real value. Let me bask in real wealth. Let me feel the sun on my face, the wind in my hair and know the love of those persons that are most important to me.

Take your scrip and eat it. See if it nourishes you. Toss it around and see how much work it does once everyone knows its deceit. There is no value in the fiat of usurpers, anyway. Take it and go.

Leave me be to create an accounting of honest labor. Allow me to trade in what is valuable and good. Leave me alone to discover the true nature of money as God intended it. Interest does not interest me.

Without you, there would be no taxes.

Without you, there would be no poverty.

Without you, there would be no war.

Your greed created this money and your greed will digest it. Once it's gone, I will be free.

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