Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Too Small to Succeed

So the banks were bailed out at taxpayer expense and now those same banks are recording record profits and requisite bonus payoffs. Times were tough, but now they ain't. Thank you very much.

Meanwhile, the public is expected to pay for everything with tax increases. That portion of the public that is somehow still working, that is. But griping is a familiar refrain to the working stiff.

I was just on the phone with my friendly tax collectors. They say I owe them a lot of money and I'd better pay up right now! My exhortations of dire straits have fallen on deaf ears. They don't care.

They want it now and they don't want to negotiate. I'm lucky I'm not pursued as an unpatriotic tax evader! I was told the whole problem is my damned fault and asked how much “good faith” money I could pony up today! I told them I'd have to get back to them later. Those people were crazy.

If you must know why I owe money, consider a windfall year that comes once in a lifetime. Once upon a time, but not that long ago, such a year could be income-averaged over several years so that you are not over-taxed. That “loophole” (which anyone could use) was closed several years ago (perhaps at the same time they dis-allowed deducting interest on credit cards?) If I could income average, they would owe me. Anything useful to the people is taken away from them.

Tiny rule changes implemented piecemeal over the years have conspired to destroy America as I understood it. Perhaps I misunderstood America from the beginning. Maybe the common man has always been a frog in a pot, but now they're really turning up the heat!

When times got tough, the banks got a bailout but not us. We're getting the squeeze. How much juice is left in you? I'm running out, it's all I can do to put a little food on the table. Something is going to crack soon (and I'm not talking about me.)

The bright side to all of this is that the world economic system was exposed as a pack of lies. Anyone who bothered to truly understand the problem must have questioned the bravado of the entire scheme! Money out of thin air? Interest on money that never existed in the first place? The audacity of the bankers is astounding and the complicity of our government criminal.

If the government says the banks are too big to fail, then I must be too small to succeed.

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