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Most of us like to think we have common sense and that's a good thing. I mean we are talking about sense, held in common, right? The fact that it's common, means that most people have common sense by definition.

So how did the world get so fucked up?

A little common sense would go a long way towards unfucking things, wouldn't it? But there's the problem right there in the name for it. It's common sense. It's what the common man would do.

The problem is our leaders don't think of themselves as commoners. Nope, they're the elite. They went to the best schools, worked for the best companies and now they're repaying their debt for living in privilege by looking out for the interests of the common man through public service.

Fuck them.

That's their spiel, though. They are merely public servants implementing the will of the people. If you don't fucking like it, vote for change.

Politics. Who really has time for politics? Isn't that why the whole representative republic was set up in the first place? We elect some dipshit who is supposed to deal with all this stuff for us while we kick back on the couch and watch TV. That's the design, isn't it? Once in a while we have to get the fuck up and vote on who is supposed to represent us, but other than that it's Miller time.

The trouble is the cats you're forced to vote for. In the big elections where you actually know something about the candidates you hold your nose and pick the least offensive person. In the small elections, you hardly know anything about who does what except for which party they're in.

In America we have a two party system. That doesn't mean there are only two parties, it just means that if you're not in one of the two big political parties, you're not going to have any representation in government.

Now, don't get excited about that because isn't really isn't that big a deal. All it means is that under the rules of the two party system, you're a loser. Had you joined one of the two big and popular parties, you would have the pleasure of watching your candidate win, occasionally. Not that it matters.

Why doesn't winning matter? Because, there is no law that says politicians have to actually represent their constituents. The only option you have is to vote against the motherfucker, but look who he's running against! The other option in our two party system is usually just as bad.

When you vote for the lesser of two evils, what do you think you get? Evil, folks. Pure evil.

But the elites are smarter than us right? They went to the most prestigious, most expensive schools. Surely they are the most qualified to run the world, after all their families have been running the place for centuries and the world's still here. Mostly. Give or take a few million people.

They're constantly patting themselves on the back and giving each other pay raises over the way they've made civilization so uncivilized. The worst of them have been patted on the back for so long they think they're nobility. No shit. Queens and kings and stuff like that. If you didn't have the luck of being born into it, you could always be knighted for a small fee.

If you can get in, the game is easy. Just lie, cheat and steal – you can leave the killing to the hired help.

The elite. What a fucking joke. No one's laughing cause it's all true. You can't make this shit up, you can only point it out. Whether or not anyone else see what you're pointing at isn't as important as pointing at something in the first place. People who point shit out used to be called journalists, but now they're just fucking comedians.

The real journalists are too busy reciting their lines to do any reporting. Besides, reporters were outsourced to AP and UPI a long time ago. Did you know you can run your own newspaper just off what comes over the wire services? Shit, they've got it damned near automated by now just like their fucking web pages.

The whole damned web is data-driven websites tracking your every click in order to provide a friendlier, more personal service. If I wanted personal service with my website, I'd read it at a whorehouse. Personal fucking service – who do they think they're kidding?

It's all part of the police state that has been authorized by the nanny state as the politically correct response to whatever the fuck happened on 911.

Where was the common sense response to 911? The official report, published years later, had a one word executive summary: clusterfuck.

That's it. It was officially a clusterfuck. The government bungled every written procedure they had in place. Massive incompetence. Who could have predicted nineteen nitwits with box cutters could do so much damage?

I know about the so-called conspiracy theories and who really knows who is right? But, we can ask why no one in charge expressed any common sense in their responses to this tragedy.

Imagine. You're walking along the street when suddenly there's a large explosion and you look up to see a huge fireball blasting out of one of the World Trade Center towers. I think you'd know you're instantly in an emergency situation. You'll want to get safe, then you might think about what you can do to help the poor bastards in the middle of that.

At this point 911 is a local emergency, headline news throughout the nation, yes, but still just a horrible incident. Once the second plane hits the other tower, anyone with a brain knows they're under deliberate attack. It's terrorism.

Once the dust settled on the day, our leaders used uncommon sense when deciding to quickly clean up the mess and reopen Wall Street for the good of the economy. Not that the economy was that good before 911, it wasn't. Just clean it up and get back to business while the government hunts down the evildoers.

Just clean it up? Clean up all the evidence of a crime scene? They trucked it away so fast they used human flesh to fill in pot holes. Now every time you bump down the street in a New York cab you can think of your Uncle Louie. I'm not shitting here, look it up.

They shipped the steel off to China for Christ's sake. I wonder who got the money?

Folks, there were thousands of good reasons to study the evidence of this crime. Common sense says you cordon off the scene of the crime and investigate the evidence. CSI says the evidence never lies.

And yet, before one page of the official report was written, all of the evidence disappeared. The 911 commission was not commissioned at all until fourteen months after the attacks. Even then, the first idea was to let Henry Kissinger head it up. The stink of that idea even sickened Kissinger, so much so that he withdrew from the nomination. The spotlight would draw too much attention to the associates of Kissinger and Associates.

Fourteen months of delay followed by a whitewash, that was the official government investigation of 911. Nothing to see here, move along.

But folks, this is how it has always been. The common man can't handle the truth. Anyway, if we told him then everyone would know – even our enemies!

But 911 is just one example of how fucked up things are. Look at the economy. Now look who's involved in fucking that up – same guys as fucked up 911, isn't it? Isn't it? Same fucking guys!

Or their fucking brothers, or their cousins or their goddamn brother-in-laws. The same guys running the government are the same guys running the banks, the insurance companies and those god damned international think tanks.

Generations of uncommon men have led us to where we are today. It's been going on a long time. Mark Twain got in a lot of trouble for suggesting the Stars and Stripes be replaced by the Skull and Crossbones. Imagine what a country we'd have with an honest government.

Still, all the world's not totally fucked up. If there's no profit in something, our fearless leaders usually ignore it until they figure out a way to monetize it. That's the beauty of derivatives, you know, they are a way of deriving economic value from something that is utterly without value. A neat trick of monetary alchemy.

We still have our families and our friends, though. We love them. We know what's important.

Of course mom works all the time and dad only makes half what he used to, but we love 'em.

You can't help it if you're born poor. That just means you have to work hard and pay your taxes.

Hey, somebody has to empty the trash, farm the food and sell the PlayStations. You wouldn't want George W. Bush putting the brakes on Chevrolets, would you? Maybe Cadillacs, not Chevys.

No, the elites need us to do their work, pay their salaries and suck their dicks. Everything in society was designed just so the rich get richer and the rest just get replaced. Another generation of debt slaves programmed to keep civilization profitable. A world designed to grind the common man to dust.

Common sense? Where has it gotten us? It's not even part of the design.

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