Sunday, March 1, 2009

How the Bailout Works

Both the banks and the government say they're flat broke. Despite this, the government borrows money from the banks, pledging to repay the loan by taxing people who have not yet been born. The banks create this money out of thin air, based on the promise of the government to force their citizens to pay the interest on the loan. There is no real concern about the principal, as it can be refinanced later.

So, the ruling elite conjure several trillion dollars from the promise to enslave American taxpayers for generations to come and use that money to replace their gambling losses. They screwed up, but taxpayers foot the bill.

Some people think the Illuminati plan everything. I think they plan 90% but the other 10% is out of control. No matter how much money you have or how careful your plans, human beings fuck up.

Most mistakes are easily contained. Some may even cause a change in plans. But every once in a while, someone does something that makes everyone else stand up and take notice. Once in a very great while, things escalate out of the control of even the most controlling party.

In this case, greed escalated in the form of derivative bets upon derivative bets. The Creeple bought into their own bullshit that we could all be millionaires and leveraged their investments into the quadrillions of dollars. They thought they had everything under control until they decided to bet billions of dollars on whether or not Jose Martinez could pay his mortgage.

In the old days they wouldn't care if Jose could pay. If he didn't pay, they'd take his fucking house.

They had collateral they knew was good because they hired their cousins to inspect the goods.

But someone screwed up. Someone started betting whether or not Jose could pay. Then someone else started betting on how much interest Jose would pay and someone else bet how much money Jose would pay buying gas to power the leaf blower he needed to pay the interest on his mortgage.

After a while, it was clear that if you could bet on Jose, you could bet on anyone or anything – and they did. They bet bets that bet on bets. Pretty soon, they had bet all the money in the world – many times over. They bet so much that if everyone in the world worked only to pay off their bets, it would take many, many years.

It was a mistake, an irrational exuberance – an over-extension of leverage. Rich people suddenly found themselves owing their entire fortunes to one another! No one could pay because no one understood their entire fortunes were based entirely on the ability of the American people to pay their taxes and Americans hadn't had a decent paying job since the Creeple shipped them overseas twenty years ago.

The only thing holding up the house of cards was the ability of the lowest people to pay their debts. When the job doesn't pay and the credit runs out, Jose defaults on his loan and rich people owing other rich people start toppling like dominoes. If it had been just Jose, the rich would have taken his house and all would be forgotten – but the rich Creeple betting Jose would keep paying were the first to fall.

It's a vicious circle of falling home prices and lost jobs. On the bright side, once all the jobs are gone the price of a home will be zero. We'll all either be dead or ready to move somewhere else. We're facing a ghost town on a global scale. Where do we move to from Earth?

The bailouts are helping a few elite families accumulate as much wealth as they possibly can before heading to an undisclosed location. They hope to be safe there when the shit really hits the fan. Historically, depressions are followed by wars.

The economic collapse is like a pressing RESET on our national currency. The elite want a replacement or devaluation along with write offs to return us to 1913 and another hundred years of inflationary interest collection. Interest payments keep the Sheeple working so the Creeple don't have to.

The system is vulnurable to change if only we demand it. Without usury, we could have an economy where loans finance productivity instead lining the pockets of parasites.

I'm trying to get the word out, but if no one knows how the Creeple control us through interest payments, the money will reset and we'll be right back to licking their boots.

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