Thursday, July 9, 2009


If government economic stimulus plans were designed by Microsoft, Version 3 is where they'd get it right. Unfortunately, the Federal Reserve and the Department of Treasury have already tossed several dead cats into the economy with no apparent effect. We are way past the magical third try.

Reading the mainstream media, it appears “they” (and we know who they are) are trying to frame the next Congressional Act as the second try, indeed the sequel to the first (since nothing before Obama appears to count. Does anyone still remember TARP?)

Congress may be on its third strike, but it accounts for less than two trillion of the nearly fourteen trillion dollars weaseled out of the United States government since last September. The other twelve trillion or so – I love how I've learned to toss around trillions of dollars as if I have any comprehension whatsoever of how big a number a trillion really is – were handed over to the bankers to divvy up.

Between the Nobel laureates arguing for a large stimulus and our so-called representatives fear of total economic collapse (and subsequent loss of control!) we are looking at what Saddam might have called the mother of all economic bailouts.

This time, there will be more than scraps for Main Street.

Any idiot can see that what has so far been tried has failed and even Joe Biden believes the economy is worse than feared earlier. Not that anyone with the power to do anything is going to do any more than enrich themselves and their friends, but it's nice to hear them admit things are nearly as bad as they seem.

Admitting you were wrong about something is an improvement over the last stage of puppets. I guess we're back to the good old days when the government paid us lip service while rigging the system.

I'm sorry, I don't see how this works. How does borrowing more money get you out of debt?

Let's just print up a bunch of cash and spend it all right now on whatever the hell we think we need.

Fine. Good. Done. How's your fiscal hangover?

Once our big party is over it'll just be more National Debt. How big can it get and how long can we carry the load before we collapse? How much of our country are we willing place in hock or sell outright? The bankers always want collateral, you know. How long until they own it all?

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