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My son gave me a copy of David Icke's latest book as a Father's Day gift. I ordinarily don't subscribe to Mother's Day, much less Father's Day, but for some odd reason I'm not opposed to accepting gifts for any reason. Maybe it is a made-up holiday they won't pay you for, but it always falls on a Sunday and Sunday is a good day to goof off. Hallmark appreciates your business, by the way, but not as much as they used to when they sponsored some of the best tearjerkers to ever see the small screen.

Getting back to David Icke, his name is spelled like Ike as in Eisenhower. I like Ike. You have to explain this to people because if they've never heard his last name pronounced, they might think it is pronounced “Icky” or “Eehhcckky!” as in the thought of giant lizards controlling the world is really icky stuff.

If this were “Ikeology,” our paradigm might only include the beliefs of the self-professed Son of God himself. However evolved Mr. Icke thinks he is, his belief spectrum is just a teeny tiny perturbation in the galactic spectrum of beliefs. Why limit a new field of pseudo-science to the knowledge of only one man? I say anything that makes me go, “Ick” goes in the icky set.

As for the book, it solidly documents most of the mess we're in. Icke glosses over financial truths, perhaps because he lacks understanding of the technical details economists focus on. I think he grasps the simple truth that money isn't money, but he doesn't spend as much time on the subject of money as he does his lizards.

Yes. Lizards rule us. Remember the big banner that fell down at the end of Jurassic Park?

Dinosaurs rule the Earth!”

Well, it's not quite that simple. You can't see the lizards unless you're very unlucky and about to become a blood sacrifice on the alter of Moloch, the giant owl god. Owls eat lizards so I reckon Moloch is not someone you want to be messing with.

It would all be hilarious except Icke makes a very good case for the possibility that some sort of “fourth-dimensional entity” that resembles a reptile possesses the body of anyone of any prominence. Maybe not everyone, but a surprising many of the movers and shakers of world society.

Everyone important is related to either “blue blood” or “Jew blood.” If you're a Rothschild or a descendant of the good king Charlemagne, your life can be anything you want it to be as long as you remember your roots.. I'm sure Charlie was a real keeper, but if you're not related to him, you have no hope of becoming president of virtually anything.

The Jewish side of the wealth equation is pretty obvious. Imagine for a second that Secretary Paulson had been named Palsoni, Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke had been named Bernancini, and Goldman-Sachs were named Gambino-Squitieri? Would anyone question the presence of the mob?

The Jewish Mob is one faction vying for world control. There are others including the lowly American Patriot, hoping to restore his right to own a thermonuclear weapon. There is probably a market for mini-nukes that only take out one house in a neighborhood. As you might guess from their capital portfolios, the mobster can leverage a lot of money toward laws he wants, while the Patriot can't even leverage his one vote. He's lucky if it's counted, much less matters.

Imagining the true rulers of the world as lizards instead of men excuses too much of their reptilian behavior. Animals and reptiles have ruled the world for too long. The madness the world seems bent to pursue will only create hell on earth. Total world domination by lizards from outer space might be excusable, but allowing mere mortals such control is a reprehensible rift in the theory of public trust.

If you toss the first two chapters and the last one, Icke's book is a strategic guide to his other books and to additional sources of information. David likes connecting dots and he performs a yeoman's job of identifying the way the “elite” (whom I call “Creeple”) not only control the world but profit immensely by doing so. Given the co-ordinates from David Icke, you soon learn to read the daily news in a different way.

Almost anything can fit into Ickeology if you think about it long enough. But, at the same time, the theory demands an inherent acceptance of anything genuinely Icke. Full adherence to Ickeology would include a belief that lizards possess the bodies of powerful and famous people.

Just as a Christian is free to believe some of the Bible, but admonished for not believing certain things like homosexuals should not be stoned to death, an Ickeologist is free to toss anything he doesn't agree with for any reason. Take what you like and leave the rest is David's motto and ours too. Bugger the rest.

The funny thing about all of this is that the world starts to make perfect sense if you believe it is being run by seven foot reptiles from a galaxy far, far away. Crank back just a hair to a world run by self-centered psychopaths and you get pretty much the same picture without the lizard scales.

A simpleton can see the game is rigged for the rich and powerful once Icke points it out. I doubt the world is ruled by lizards, but I'm willing to keep an open mind. Same as Jesus, really.

Not even David Icke believes in Ickeism. Religions are elaborate frauds in Ickeology, and yet so many students take what Icke says as gospel. It must be the Rothschilds on top, because it has always been thus. Banking and Royalty, or perhaps, Royalty and then Banking and then mere mortals. Businessmen and thieves every one of them excepting a bare few.

There is no doubt that power comes from money and money is connected to ancient bloodlines. Most of it is ancient money, stolen long ago by the new heir's great-great-granduncle. Move along, don't dally in my finances. We pay handsomely for discretion.

I imagine we all have a little reptilian in us, one way or another. Our Hyde to hide from polite society. A fetus has a tail at one point, doesn't it? Icky is people with real tails. It happens, right?

I don't think you can make it a full-blown religion and I wonder how the Supreme Court might interpret the right to be a religion unto yourself. An ideology, a paradigm a way of thinking. One thing leads to another and pretty soon someone is spilling his guts for amnesty and a high seven figures. The religion business can be deadly serious.

Anyway, once you grok the idea that giant lizards run the show, its easy see how all the events of the day are interconnected and controlled by the reptilian cartel. They control virtually everything already and the few concerns they don't concern themselves with don't count for hardly concerns at all. There's some little guys, that's all. Lots of them. Maybe too many.

Whoever is behind the curtain doesn't want to be seen. They operate in secret by controlling the elections of various national “rulers.” The exact power structure and cost of attainment differs from one country to the next but the United States is one of the most expensive nations to entertain. Now that we've learned to count in trillions, how long before we ponder quadrillions and beyond?

How long can this constant money devaluation continue before someone figures it out and pulls the plug? Look at Italy, they just lopped off a few zeroes and continued on in bankruptcy. Will the good old USA ever repay the banks the money that was stolen from us plus interest? Fat chance.

Someone has to step forward and just say the game is over, they ain't paying anyone anything until this whole mess is straightened out. The common man, the average Joe, the man and woman on Main Street are feeling a tight pinch, what with losing the house and the job and the savings and all, but they're Merkins and they'll struggle on. Despite the obvious money scams exposed every day, the average person continues to believe everything's a fair shake until he tries to contact his insurer.

It looks to me like someone just has to say “Nope.” I was incapacitated by a bad case of irrational exuberance and deceptively oversimplified algorithms. If only the computer models had been more complex, more realistic, then we wouldn't have destroyed the world! Bwhah!

But the economic reality is that the world has been destroyed and there's nothing anyone can do about it at this point. Everybody's broke and scamming to make off with other people's money.

The powers that be are looking for a quick reboot of the economic system with themselves still in charge. It looks like they're going to get what they want – John Q. Public is still embarrassingly ignorant of his plight. Banks, trillions, OK!

Anyway, try the Icke paradigm for a week and see for yourself how obviously reptiles rule the earth.

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