Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Giants Broadcasters Observe Moment of Silence for Offense

In remembrance of the Giants offense, radio station KNBR 680 AM was totally silent from 8:01 PM until 8:02 PM tonight.

During this short moment of reflection, some people recalled Barry Bonds setting the single season record for home runs with 73 in 2001, and the major league record for home runs with 762.

For most of their existence, the Giants relied upon formidable power hitters and excellent pitching. Unfortunately, such combinations never accounted for more than second place for 52 consecutive years of frustration.

In 2010, the Giants showed the world that baseball is really mostly about pitching and defense, as boring as that sounds. Even so, they hit home runs. Google Ross and Renteria.

Winning is MOSTLY pitching and defense, but you have to score. The easiest way to score is to hit a homer, just ask Earl Weaver (who preferred 2 men on base when the homer occurred.) The 2011 Giants have had problems getting men on base, much less hitting an actual home run!

Maybe the sacrifice of a little air time paid off. They have scored two runs in two innings for a 2-0 lead after five innings, just since I started writing this.

For those of you worried about the Champs' recent record, have faith. The personnel moves really were upgrades, I think. Time will tell. September will answer a lot of your questions. It's a long year, have patience and understand that the front office boys want to repeat as badly as you do.

The Giants will find a way to repeat. I'm getting the feeling. So what if they don't?

"And Huff hits a drive to right...it is out of here!" Huff enough. 3-0.

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