Monday, October 17, 2011

Ron Paul is a Lesser Evil

I don't vote. I gave up voting after my guy dropped out of the Presidential primary in 2008. It wasn't like I was enthused with his prospects, anyway. My guys never win unless I make a mistake like I did in 1996. I voted for Ralph Nader twice, just to let you know whereabouts I think.

The first time I voted, I voted against Ronald Reagan even though I knew he had already won.

The problem today is, you have no idea if your vote is counted. How the votes are counted is the most important thing, as old Joe Stalin pointed out. Our votes today are counted by proprietary algorithms that are not subject to public scrutiny. The machines that count our votes have been proven unreliable time and again.

Hacking the electronic vote is painfully simple to do. Proving the vote honest may be impossible. Asking people to count their local votes and report back is too difficult for some reason.

A flawed voting system is reason enough to pass, but look at the imbeciles we're expected to endorse. I guess you could write someone in, but that's probably enough to render your vote “unreadable.” We are pretty much stuck with who is on the ballet. Pick which Bonesman will be President.

So, I don't vote. Why waste my time? Why should I vote to change the face of my oppressor? It's the system that needs changing, not the people that run it.

Look at Obama, Mr. Change has become President Wall Street. Just another apologist for the status quo. The status quo dictates people like me are born to lose. You have to pay to play in this world.

If you have cash (I don't) you can game the legal system.

If you have cash (I don't) you can buy a judge or a politician.

If you have cash (I don't) you can write your own rules.

If you have cash (I don't) you can afford a lot of mistakes.

People with money like to vote because they don't mind telling other people what to do. Some people need telling, it's true. Most people resent being bossed around, though. Some people wish they had money just so they could start bossing people around. Money is funny like that.

By now, you may be asking, “What of Ron Paul?”

Absolutely, if you must “vote” then I highly endorse the good doctor's prescription for chaos. Bringing the troops home means nothing to some people compared to a new currency on a modified gold standard. Dr. Paul swallowed the “Austrian School” of economics which is just more of the same old usury that is bankrupting the world. He won't fix the economy, but he'll be very apologetic for the way your family suffers.

If voting worked, it would be illegal – kinda like medical marijuana.

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