Sunday, October 30, 2011

I Am Not A Gadget (v1.0)

I am reading Jaron Lanier's book entitled nearly the same as this post. I don't understand everything he says, but the general drift is that we should stop believing in fantasy worlds invented by programmers who believe their own bullshit. I wonder what he thinks of Occupy Wall Street?

I haven't finished the book, yet, but I'm sensing Jaron doesn't like Google very much. He likes the people who invented Google (I will get to the psychopathy of corporations, and how they turn ordinary people into zombies, someday) but not Google itself, much less what Google represents to him.

If nothing else, Jaron seems to be crying out against the hive mind – group think. We are unique individuals. We should do nothing to demean our humanity (like tie our hair in knots.) People are smarter than algorithms. (Al Gore rhythms?) There is a right-wing bent to his arguments.

I still have hundreds of pages to read but I see some kind of idea emerging from Jaron's brain. I don't quite follow his thoughts, so I wonder how he feels about usury? He has an interesting philosophy that does not include eating goats or cephalopods but would devour chickens. Has he pondered money?

I suspect it is beginning to dawn upon him that he's just another dumb ass sitting on a rock spinning through space on its way to a cataclysmic encounter with the Andromeda galaxy. Nothing to see here, move along. The laws of nature created man. God knows I wish it were different.

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