Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sheeple and Social Hierarchy

No doubt you've heard of the Sheeple. Sometimes they're called the goyim, or the unwashed masses, or the useless eaters. All are derogatory terms for people who go through life without paying attention to external forces shaping their existence. You might say they are sheepwalking through life.

A few years ago, I humorously expanded the idea of Sheeple to encompass more levels of awareness. The Sheeple were in the middle of a bell curve, representing the vast majority of people. To the left were those with more awareness of their situation and opposed to it, and to the right were those with more awareness but inclined toward the status quo.

The result was more fascinating than funny.

On a standard bell curve, 68% of whatever is represented is in the middle. So, we can assume that 68% of human beings are actually Sheeple. Sheeple go along with the system they're born into without much argument. They may question the status quo, be it capitalism, communism, fascism, Catholicism, or any other “ism,” but they rarely act on their doubts. They just try to get along as best they can.

One standard deviation away from the Sheeple center, you have left and right “radicals.” This represents 27% of the population, with 13.5% on the left and 13.5% on the right.

The folks on the left I call Seeple. They “see” what is wrong with society and tend to report on it. Here you'll find artists and bloggers like me. Seeple see what is going on, but they feel powerless to stop it.

The folks on the right I call Meeple. They might see that society is screwed up, but they don't care as long as they can capitalize on it. They are likely to be your boss at work. They are cops and lawyers and judges. They pretend that society's rules are in everyone's best interest and work to enforce them when they aren't breaking them. These Meeple are hypocrites that are often exposed by Seeple.

We have accounted to 95% of people with just Sheeple, Seeple and Meeple – but there is another 5% equally distributed left and right of the bell...

On the left, 2.5% of the population are Freeple. These folks have severed contact with society as we know it. They are either self-sufficient, living in cabins in Idaho or they have given up and are homeless living under bridges. Homeless people don't give a shit and they don't vote. Despite the fact that they live on the edge of existence, they are free. Truly self-sufficient people, with no taxable income are rare. I imagine there are a few truly Freeple, but most are free via abdication.

On the right are the 2.5% or so of sociopaths who set up the entire system. I call these assholes Creeple. They don't give a shit about anyone else, but they are glad to have the help of the idiot 13.5% Meeple and the compliance of the 68% Sheeple. No wonder they promote Democracy, eh?

Freeple. Seeple. Sheeple. Meeple. Creeple. Humanity in a nutshell.

The Freeple and the Creeple are pretty much nuts, but in different ways. Very few Freeple are capable of coping with their lives while the Creeple not only cope with their own lives, they seek to control other people's lives.

There's not much to be done for this 5% of society. It is the dregs and the elite, both are incorrigible.

If nothing can be done for what we tend to call the top and bottom of society, what of the middle and the first deviation? Are we forever stuck with people who don't care to learn (Sheeple) and people who do wrong despite knowing better (Meeple?) Can Seeple help the others see?

I think a difference can be made by education. Not government (Creeple) education, but popular education. Talking. Arguing. Writing crap like this. Get the Sheeple and Meeple to think a little.

The Sheeple don't want to think and the Meeple don't want to think how fucked up they are. But if we keep repeating the lessons, like propaganda, they will hear it and some of it will sink in. It is really hard to stay in denial while confronting truth. The Meeple will resist, but the Sheeple will absorb.

If we can shift the bell curve to the left (and by left I don't mean left-political or communist) we can reduce the percentage of Sheeples and Meeples. I don't think we can ever reduce the Creeple percentage as they are inbred psychopaths without empathy. Ultimately, only incarceration or annihilation will rid the world of the Creeple scourge.

A perfect society of self-sustaining individuals have the integrity to not need police, lawyers, judges, politicians, bankers or soldiers. Once we learn to respect ourselves, respect for others follows. It is possible to create a world where anyone can do what they want to do without hurting others.

We can start with some simple rules and build on them.

Presently, the single biggest gain for society would be to outlaw any unearned income. No interest payments and no jobs that don't create value. This would outlaw private banks and many worthless government jobs. Banks and government are where the Meeple and Creeple feed.

If we can see fit to outlaw usury and uselessness, then we are well on our way to living in a world that maximizes human potential.

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