Friday, January 16, 2009

Psychopaths and Sycophants

A world full of killing and hatred and greed,
isn't a world that most of need.
But it's run by some nuts,
with their heads up the butts

Of conscienceless sociopath seed.

If you are normal, and I use the term loosely, you have probably wondered how in God's name the world became so fucked up. You wonder how good-meaning people could have invented a system so diabolical that half the world is starving and the other half is wondering if they'll eat next week.

When you step back and look at the world at large, you may see as I do that so-called civilization is run by psychopaths aided by sycophants. The lowest estimate I have found of psychopathic occurrence in a population is 1%, the highest 4%. At just one percent, there are some three million of these mental cases in the United States alone and only about half of them are institutionalized (prison or mental.)

From Wikipedia:

Common characteristics of those with psychopathy are:

  • Grandiose sense of self-worth

  • Superficial charm

  • Criminal versatility

  • Reckless disregard for the safety of self or others

  • Impulse control problems

  • Irresponsibility

  • Inability to tolerate boredom

  • Pathological narcissism

  • Pathological lying

  • Shallow affect

  • Deceitfulness/manipulativeness

  • Aggressive or violent tendencies, repeated physical fights or assaults on others

  • Lack of empathy

  • Lack of remorse, indifferent to or rationalizes having hurt or mistreated others

  • A sense of extreme entitlement

  • Lack of or diminished levels of anxiety/nervousness and other emotions

  • Promiscuous sexual behavior, sexually deviant lifestyle

  • Poor judgment, failure to learn from experience

  • Lack of personal insight

  • Failure to follow any life plan

  • Abuse of drugs including alcohol

  • Inability to distinguish right from wrong

So, at least 1.5 million sociopaths are at large in America at any given moment. They run the gamut of social class, but those from families with money tend to be well-protected from incarceration. If mental illness is inherited, and you know damned well it is, there must be many psychotic families with generations of inherited wealth. After all, a family with money but no conscience can easily multiply its wealth.

It is logical, therefore, to assume that most of the truly wealthy are either psychopathic or have psychopathic tendencies. A casual look at history proves my hypothesis that the world is run by those who deserve to be locked up by the other five-sixths of us! Instead, we bow to their money, their power and their superficial intelligence.

The world is an insane asylum and the nuts are in charge.

Politicians repeatedly promise “change” and “hope” but deliver only more oppression. Businessmen attract our investment into what are now clearly simple Ponzi schemes. The psychopaths lure sycophants into becoming judges, lawyers and policemen. Every sin against humanity is legalized and enforced by cooperation between fools and their anti-social masters.

Everything is controlled by money and the psychopaths control the money. We have the best government that money can buy! Those that don't play along with the system are made to comply through threats of violence. You work to eat, you eat to work. Who do you work for?

The nut jobs are outnumbered, but they have carefully cultivated the environment to stay

They control the media, education, voting and religion to name just a few things. Better you ask what is it they don't control? They have the army, the police and the hearts and minds of the brainwashed. Very few people today see through the ruse to control themselves. The control system is so complete that most people don't understand they are being controlled. The few that understand find it easier to acquiesce than to promote real change. Most people have just given up.

Take a good look around and I think you'll see, that most of what is, doesn't have to be.

There is no reason for the Federal Reserve or the Income tax. America existed for 150 years without either of those diabolical entities.

A real nation would have a small army to protect itself from foreign psychopaths and support itself by a small tax on commerce. It would have money unencumbered by usury and laws that protect the individual instead of corporations or religion.

A real nation would not export its ideals on the point of a bayonet.

A real nation would not need to rely on force to control its population.

A real nation would not allow a sixth of its citizens to live without health care.

A real nation would not have homeless and starving people.


  1. You need an understanding of the alien mind at work on this planet. This is why we are losing the Battle of Armageddon, which is not a battle fought with guns and bombs, but is a battle for the mind of humanity. See "The Seven Thunders" on on the sidebar. It is the understanding that set us free.

  2. I tried to read Delamer Duverus several years ago but found him an unfathomable crackpot.

    I like my crackpots no deeper than two fathoms.

    If you want aliens, I recommend David Icke.

  3. @ Steven-David Icke might be highly possessed with one...really dude?

    1. Lol. Good one. There is the possibility he is disinfo, of course...but his basic message is LOVE, so I doubt it.