Friday, June 28, 2013


Which god?

Justin is growing up. He exchanged his soul for a mouthful of Selena Gomez and all accouterments assumed therein. Perhaps he regrets his actions. I wonder...

His mother had her misgivings, but ultimately surrendered her son to Steve "Scooter" Braun, the agent for Usher. Justin was only 13 years old.

Take a good look at this little bastard. He is so cute even I noticed. I only dig chicks, but damn...

Justin was discovered because his mother kept posting videos of him to YouTube until someone with connections took notice (the aforementioned Mr. Braun.)

Thank you, Justin for helping to open my eyes to the way children are exploited by our culture. Child stars are only the tip of the iceberg. Follow the money (to the top.) The system wrings everyone dry. Cui bono? Mr. Braun for one.

Make sure you get your cut of merchandise sales, Justin.

Say, "Hello." to Shaun Cassidy on your way out.

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