Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Timeshifting Your Future

I don't believe in bullshit stories about time travelers from the future. As far as I can tell, we can only travel forward in time. It is theoretically possible to travel quite a ways forward in time, but who wants to live in a galaxy ruled by cockroaches?

You can toss out parallel universes with the bathwater for all I care. Multiple worlds existing alongside one another are no different from the old tales of fairyland  The universe is big enough to be all there is by definition. We don't need another one, much less an infinite number of universes cluttering up the living room.

What we have is the here and now. We may ponder the still to come but we can only reflect upon the past. Everything past is past and cannot be undone. No one is going back in time to stop Oswald or abort Hitler.

So you have no control over the past but some control over the future. Obviously, obstacles will block your progress from time to time, but you can try to roll with the punches. Your immediate future is usually in your hands. Should you duck right or left?

We make decisions as we travel down the highway of time. Everyone and everything is flowing along at more or less the same rate. According to Einstein time is relative to speed. The speed limit is the speed of light, he says. I'm no Einstein, but I think he's wrong. Light presumably has no mass? Then what is it? We'll never build anything capable of approaching light speed without obliterating everything in its path, anyway.

Luckily, there are vast, empty areas of space we can use as a sort of gigantic salt flat for intergalactic speed record attempts. Of course, we won't be able to post the results for centuries to come.

We have seen nothing that exceeds the speed of light so far. (OK, there are some debatable results but even those particles are barely faster than light. Maybe they're less massive than light?)

The mounting evidence reveals the fact that the best path into the future is through the actions you take right now. You've to got have a plan and that plan must be realistic. Of course this presumes that reality as you reckon it somewhat resembles the truth.

It has been written that the truth will set you free. Don't you believe it. The truth finds you imprisoned within a social construct deliberately fabricated by the lies of soulless, inbred psychopaths. The social hierarchy surrounding us dictates our actions to an embarrassingly large degree.

Call it the Matrix, or the Man, or the Construct  or the Combine. Call it the Powers that Be. Call it the Illuminati. Call it the Money Power. Call it the Jews or the Zionists. Call it Greed. Call it Democracy. Call it the Just Us system. I just call it the Family. Not the mob, bigger.

It's the Good Ol' Boys with the White Shoes and the Top Hats. It's the Banksters, folks.

The truth is that a very small group of people have figured out how to get all the rest of us to do all their dirty work while they sit around and eat. How did they get the entire world to scurry about doing whatever they wanted done? They control the people by controlling the money supply. When money is kept in deliberately short supply then its value rises. Money should be the focus of your quest for truth.

Once you truly see what surrounds you, you begin to understand effective ways to change the things you do not like. You can point out the flaws in the Matrix to your friends and so work together to help others understand their plight. Contribute as little energy as possible to the banker's world of dreams.

For once your eyes are open to truth, you will know that what passes for money in this world belongs to the bankers, not to the people. The banks create it and destroy it, charging interest upon everyone who is forced to use it. They feed upon the people. Look at what you have done for money.

The people, in their ignorance, surrender to debt servitude without ever glimpsing the truth that real money is merely a promise to pay, backed by collateral. Money can be a note, good for twelve chickens from John Smith in September 2013. The creator was Jones, the note given to Smith. Should Smith choose to trade the note for a pig from another farmer, he can if the farmer agrees.

That note might pass around all over the valley until September when it will be found that Mr. Smith's chickens all ran off and were subsequently consumed by a tiny group of people trying to stave off the zombie apocalypse. The unfortunate Smith himself being zombified beyond any delusions of money.

So you must ask yourself -- what kind of future do you want? Even a small course-correction now can be enough to bring us to a far better place down the river of time. Small changes can make a big difference. A change in attitude could save the world, if it's the right change.

One simple change that isn't very hard to accept is the notion that charging interest is immoral. This notion used to be common sense. What happened? Why is the only religious sect still believing this being targeted by the War on Terror? Why has the definition of usury changed over the years?

If the creation of money were only limited to available collateral and credit, there would be virtually limitless money available. Without bankers artificially limiting the economy by the imposition of "interest," the rest of us would find our standard of living improved by a factor of twelve.

The economy would flourish and everyone would be able to afford to pay others to do the work they need done -- not just the bankers. This would result in a sort of random funding of the economy rather than the top-down direction that occurs now. The people would fund what they desire, not war and other usury.

Having money will of course make the people less dependent on the government for "everything." In fact, there would be little call for much "government" at all. Without the power to create money at interest, the banksters would have to discover another trade to generate income. What else besides legalized theft do these monsters know?

There are very few real Banksters  Most of the people that carry on the business of business are mere underlings, completely engrossed in the smell of money. Psychopathic tendencies exist in nearly everyone (except you, of course) and the criminals at the top of the pyramid know how to maximize their profits from our weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

Once an organization has control of the government, it can change the laws to suit itself.

A certain family has ruled economic affairs for over three hundred years. There are other aspects to "rule the earth" and so even though these people have been in charge for some time, shit has a way of happening alone. In other words, not everything is a conspiracy. Adopting this viewpoint is contrary to your prior instructions, I know. You are taught the obvious lie that there are no conspiracies. Don't be naive.

Think logically and you will understand that someone has to be the richest person in the world. Has to be one. This person wields tremendous power. The truly richest person has to be richer than the Queen of England who (technically) owns all of the British Empire (more or less.)

And so we establish the Queen is up there. Are there richer people? The press tells us Bill Gates is the richest person in the world with around 50 billion dollars. Have you noticed that fifty billion dollars isn't a hill of beans nowadays? The British Empire is still worth way more than Bill Gates.

Anyway, it seems I have once again gone off track. I wanted to say that you can have some (limited) control over your future, but your influence must overwhelm the influence of everything (and everyone) else.

Everyone, even the richest of us, is steering a wooden dinghy down category five economic rapids formed by the looming fiscal abyss. One by one we will all crash against the rocks of our own greed and drown in a sorrowful sea of usurious debt. Whether we go over the cliff or down the drain doesn't really matter.

No. I wanted to say take charge of your future by making plans that will soon be dashed upon the rocks.

No. No. No. I wanted to bring you some good news: that you control (some) of your future! Is that upbeat? Uplifting?

Try not to think about John F. Kennedy as you carve your Thanksgiving bird. Think of pink Indians, instead.

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