Monday, August 6, 2012

Generic Mass Murderer Profile

This is getting WAY too common, people!

95%+ Male
95%+ Acted alone
90%+ Under 50
80%+ Loner
80%+ Intelligent
75%+ Government involvement (or knew)

These are my guesses, based on what I've surmised from the cases I recall hearing about in the media. This is not a scientific study, just my educated opinion. No doubt it will be refined over time.

Today, some poor Sikhs in Wisconsin bore the brunt of life under the New Regime (same as the Old Regime.) The toxic global environment created by the powers that be spawned a monster in the form of an ex-military human robot (hubot?) Rothschilds' money twisted this man into what he became just as it twisted you into what you are. Money, or lack thereof, twists us all. Some people snap.

The only thing that may be separating me from the generic mass murderer is that I'm a little bit too old. Well, that and the fact that I am a peaceful man who prefers to live and let live, within reason.

I will guess that if the government has anything to do with any mass murders (as it often does) then mass murder must serve some government agenda. Gun control? Martial law? There is worse. War. Genocide.

If mass murder is beneficial to government, then why wouldn't government have a killer program? The fact is, the government admits to having just such a program called “MK-ULTRA.” Congress investigated mind-control programming in 1975. The subject has hardly been raised since the Church committee, but the techniques involved must have advanced exponentially by now.

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