Friday, April 6, 2012

750 Million Rounds of 40 Caliber Hollow-Point

The government has two bullets for each of us, just in case they miss the first time. That's planning!

Hollow-point bullets fracture on impact and spread throughout the target bio-system. Hollow-point is the absolute best bullet to use if you're trying to kill someone. They are outlawed for use by armies in time of war. They are completely legal for your government to use against you.

Your government has ordered 750 million rounds of hollow-point 0.40 caliber ammunition they cannot legally use against your enemies in time of war. If these bullets are not for communists, homosexuals or Hajis, then who in the world do you think they're for? Wake up, baby. These two bullets are for you!

I try to tell people every day that “the world” is run by criminals. They own most of the countries and all of the major corporations. Everything you see is an illusion created by a very small number of “people.” They run the government, the news, the whores and the “entertainment” industry. They sell liquor. They want you to invest in their ideas. They'd like your daughter, please. They pay well.

This very small number of “people” decide the future. They control nearly everything so deciding the future is simple -- just say,”I'd like this or that to happen and soon it does.” Must be nice, eh?

In addition to the ammunition, they are buying armored vehicles, crowd-control devices and portable guard shacks with bullet-resistant windows (why not bullet proof? Costs more, I guess.)

So there it is, folks: we live in a POLICE STATE. 1984 finally arrived, 28 years later.

2012 is looking more and more as if it will live up to all the hype.

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  1. May I make a suggestion then? If ever the government is aiming their two bullets at you, run away in a zigzag fashion. I have heard the chances of the asshole shooting at you hitting you is 4 out of 100 bullets and then your chances go up from there as to hitting a vital organ. They're going to need more than 2 bullets to catch me; hehe ;)