Sunday, March 18, 2012

SSGT Bales May Not Exist

I have been trying to follow the story of the latest atrocities executed against the people of Afghanistan, but it makes no sense at all to me.

According to the US government, one US soldier known as SSGT Robert Bales got drunk, walked off his base in the middle of the night in plain view and then murdered 16 Afghan civilians in two villages. I have read multiple accounts of everything right after "he got drunk."

A "high level" investigation by the Afghan government alleges there were 15-20 NATO troops, not just one US soldier. Is Bales a virtual patsy created to divert blame?

I don't know what to believe. One story says the SSGT turned himself in at the gate of the base, and another (with 3D rendered simulation) says he tried to crawl through an orchard and was apprehended by a "patrol."

Naturally, I Googled the story. To my amazement, there are no pictures of this guy in civilian clothes. Just a few pictures taken in full combat gear at a base in California near Hollywood. Hmm. No pictures of his wife or kids, either. It's as if none of them existed before last week.

Now, we all know Google has close ties to the government (the director of DARPA just resigned to take an executive job at the company) but it's amazing that I can't find any real history of this man, his wife or his kids. The news tells me his wife is an avid blogger, but I've searched for her blogs and cannot find them.

It took over five days for the government to name this man as the suspect in this case. Where they working on back story?

Yesterday, the only quotes from neighbors I could find were from a fellow named Wohlberg and a woman named Holland. Only one source I read bothered to tell me these people are father and daughter. Just neighbors...

Mr Wohlberg it turns out, is a real estate agent and mortgage broker. According to his daughter, the families shared barbeques and boating on Lake Tapps (macabre name for the area, given the circumstances.) The killer was a real nice guy.

On Sunday, I discover that the Bales family home was put up for sale but despite having a friendly real estate agent right next door, Mrs. Bales choose to list through some other agent. Perhaps Mr. Wohlberg is more than a real estate agent?

Anyway, the whole story stinks. The wife was first reported to work for an advertising agency and then for a bank. The bank was never identified, but the agency was noted as AMAXRA.


There are other strange things. Consider that Mr. Bales joined the Army at 27 after his "investment company" failed. He lived near Boca Raton, Florida at the time. Do you remember Boca Raton from the Anthrax killings in 2001? The area reeks of CIA.

Mr. Bales has spent virtually his entire career at Ft. Lewis in Washington state. The beltway sniper was stationed at the same place. Ft. Lewis reeks of MKULTRA. My own brother was given dozens of electroshock therapy at that base as "treatment." Google Ft. Lewis MKULTRA.

This one suspect took five days to identify, then was rushed out of country and into solitary confinement at Leavenworth. No one believable really knows him. Is he even real at all?

Crash Course in Government BS:


  1. Google for images of Rosalyn Arntzen, founder of AMAXRA. Tell me they ain't all alike.

    This woman does not exist, either...

    We need hip waders for the BS here!


    Ryan Calafato – Director Executive Communications & Events

    OK. This guy doesn't exist, either. I'm getting scared.

    Let me just say right here I have no intention of suiciding myself!


    Kerri LeRoy is Kerri King of Great Britain???

    "Kerri changed her profile picture." right before I got there from a small picture of Ms. LeRoy linked by Google images.

    This story is getting stranger and stranger.

  4. Lorrin Maughan, though, seems real enough, and surprisingly is friends with Ryan Calafato on Google Plus. None of the others can be found.

    Lorrin and Ryan both worked at Microsoft, it seems. AMAXRA seems more Ryan's creation.

    Lorrin is a vegan master of Reiki.

    One thing I've noticed is everything seems to date to 2007.

    You know how attorneys "age" companies so that when someone buys the corporation there is a history there? I'm guessing CIA does the same.