Thursday, December 25, 2008

Declaration of Peace on the United States

I hold this truth to be self-evident, that the United States no longer follows the will of its people.

Having been abandoned by the United States, I hereby withdraw all voluntary support for the Federal government or its cronies at the State and local levels. I will no longer serve or vote. I will not give willingly any taxes. Anything they ask from me must be taken by threat of force.

I refuse to rise in arms against this tyranny, instead I declare PEACE. I ask only that the agents of this foreign government leave me be. Any interaction will be against my will.

I declare myself a free human being of planet Earth. I absolve myself of all national ties. I cannot be compelled to cooperate without force. I guess I'll pay whatever I can, if forced, but it won't be voluntary. Any taxes I pay will hereafter be an act of common robbery.

Realistically, I understand this makes me a target. People with guns believe they have the rights to my property (what little is left) and they will forcibly take whatever I own. Having declared PEACE, I cannot fight back. What good would fighting do, anyway?

The United States is lost. It is no more, if it ever was. I see this and admit it. I won't play.

There are sensible and logical alternatives to the way things are. There is no reason so many people are starving except the greed of a few powerful people. The world will be much better off without the United States and people who believe in its ideals. We need new, true, ideals.

The government is bankrupt, anyway. It probably won't last through 2009. There is going to be hell to pay and, as usual, the poor are going to pay it. Perhaps they'll take comfort in the suffering of the middle classes as well as the lower-caste rich.

Today is Christmas. I'm not religious. I suffer from Christian ideals programmed into me in my youth. All things considered, Christmas day just seems like a good day to declare PEACE.

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